Thursday, November 13, 2014

27 weeks: Reid turns 6 months!

Our little Bug is 6 months old already! Time has really flown by this time. We really treasure this special guy. He's so sweet and chill, and he loves to snuggle. Andy says, "Well, he is a Pullen boy." I guess they all love to snuggle. ;)
Reid can roll over both ways and wiggles a ton, and is sitting up pretty well. He says "dadadada" and "tttt" a lot. He drools non-stop, and currently has four teeth and more on the way. He's wearing 9 month clothes, and can fit into 12 month ones too. I think he weighs about 18 pounds.
 Ruby was bored one day, so we got out the paper and made this map for her trains. She loved it and played for a long time.
 Friday night Andy went out to a movie with a bunch of guys, so we headed over to our friends' house with all of the kids. They had fun playing together, and then Josiah showed them some videos on the computer and they were all glued. :) Ruby played by herself in the bedroom for a long time.
 Reid loves my ring.
 His 6 month photo shoot was fun. Daddy took Ruby out leaf raking with the church, and Reid and I had some one-on-one time. He's so photogenic.
 Well, until this happened.
 He's sitting up pretty well, but still will fall over.
 So cute.
 This guy has the prettiest eyes.
 Ruby loves changing diapers on her stuffed animals.
 She got into our "sleep cream" (essential oils in coconut oil) and rubbed it all down her legs, and all over our bed while we weren't looking. It was a big mess, but she slept great for her nap!
 Reid's first taste of solid food was avocados. He did not like it and barely ate any.
 Ruby likes to make tents and always says, "I'm so sad." I'm not sure why, but it's pretty funny.
 Me, Bug and Peach.
 Me and my handsome honey.
 On Sunday after nap we went on a quick jaunt to Salem and rode on the carousel. Both kids loved it. 
 Ruby and Daddy.
 Then on Monday morning we went on a family date to our favorite breakfast restaurant, the Word of Mouth Bistro. So good.
 That night we ate cereal at the coffee table and had a family movie night on the couch, with my favorite movie, Ratatouille.
 On Tuesday it was clear out (really cold though), so we walked to the library. It was closed for Veteran's Day, so we didn't get to go to Story Time, but we did get to play in the leaves. :)
 Reid was bundled up.
 His first swing ride! He loved it.
 They sure had fun together. We got cold, so we headed home.
 And drank some hot chocolate. I think this is Ruby's third time drinking it ever, and she loved it (watered down, of course).
 Ruby has been so good with Reid lately. There has been absolutely no hitting for the past few weeks. I'm very thankful. She loves to give him toys and kisses. Here she is helping him hold a block.
 They're so cute together.
 She built this block tower all by herself!
 Scooping some ice cream.
 He loves sticking his finger in his paci. It's really cute.
 Second time eating avocados... not much better.
 Ruby finished them off.
 He makes funny faces.
 Andy tried teaching Ruby how to play Super Mario Bros... maybe we'll try again in a few years. She was terrible at it.
 On the bottom there is Ruby's first letter (aside from O)! She copied my "Y."
 She laid out these dominoes all by herself too. It was quite a pattern.
 Last night we played Blind Man's Bluff in the living room. It was really fun. And then after that Ruby got really fussy and tired, so we put her to bed. Then she woke up at 9-ish crying and was really fussy and squirming. We couldn't figure out what was wrong, so I gave her some Tylenol. A few hours later she woke up crying again, and she had a fever. This morning she complained about her left ear hurting.
So we took her to the doctor this morning, and she does have an ear infection in her left ear and fluid in both ears. I don't think I would have taken her in, except that she was just whimpering and obviously very miserable. Poor girl. She took two naps today which helped a lot, and now she's on antibiotics. She still has a fever though. Hopefully she will get better quickly.

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  1. Such cute kids!!! Love all their little activities and smiles. Hope Ruby feels better soon!
    Can't wait to see all of you!


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