Thursday, November 6, 2014

26 weeks: Halloween fun

I came up with this idea for Halloween when I was pregnant with Reid. I must say, I think this is one of the best ideas I've ever had. It was so fun! And pretty hilarious. I crocheted them mostly on our trip to Disneyland. They were nice warm costumes for sure, and Andy said it's the easiest costume he's ever had. :) Ruby loved wearing hers, and Reid only cried for a second when I first put his on, but then he was fine with it.
Both kids caught another nasty cold this week. That nursery kills me! Ruby picks up everything there. They both have coughs now and it's sad. Reid has been sleeping a lot better though, thank goodness. No more waking up every hour. Now it's more like 3 times a night, which is definitely doable. He's napping in his rock n play now and not on my chest. The time change really threw off Ruby's napping though. It's been hard to get her down.
Ruby has been doing okay at potty training this week, but not great. She doesn't love going in the potty and had several accidents today. However, she does love wearing her undies, so we continue. She'll get it soon, I'm sure. We just do lots of laundry for now. She has been getting really sad when Daddy has to go to work lately. She said, "I don't like Daddy when he goes to work." And I said, "You mean you don't like it when Daddy goes to work?" and she said, "Yeah." So sad. We really appreciate how hard Andy works to support our family, and we really treasure his days off when we can all be together.
 She absolutely loves playing in the water.
 Bath time!
 He's so cute. His hair is growing, and it's getting lighter.
 He likes his hands up by his face still.
 Eating her first hamburger all in one piece. Usually she takes it apart. She kept getting frustrated when it would fall apart so we had to help her put it back together several times.
 The first costumes for the kids were Man-babies! A little creepy.
 Her hands are almost as big as her face.
 We went to the Fire Station for their little carnival. It wasn't as good this year, so we didn't stay long.
 Then we went trick-or-treating at a few friends' houses and called it a night. We only got two groups of trick-or-treaters at our house the whole night. Well, we were gone for part of it and had the light off when we were putting the kids to bed, so I wasn't too surprised.
 Ruby got a total of 9 things, which I thought was perfect.
 On Saturday we headed up to Portland and I went to Becca's bridal shower. Andy stayed at the Pullens' house with the kids so I wouldn't be too far away from Reid for nursing. It worked out pretty well, and we all had a lovely time.
 Ruby's potty chart on the wall... and she got a little zealous with the toilet paper.
 Reading brother a story. So cute! They really love each other.
 My two cuties.
 Funny faces!
 Ruby watched Monsters University, and now she tells us to go to sleep and comes and scares us.
 Playing baseball at church.
 Strike one! She actually hit it once though. :)
 Reid shredded my napkin.
 Ruby and our neighbor Addy. She's about a month older than Reid.
 They built the longest train track ever.
 He really likes these things on his play mat. So much that he was facing the other way yesterday and was trying to find them.
 She loves organizing. I think the cardboard things were supposed to be Jelly Bellys and the blocks were the money or something.
 Playing together.
 Big sister had fun with the stickers. I think Andy had some on him too.
 They love building tunnels.
 He sure loves his toys. Ruby brings them to him all the time.
 They played this for a long time.
 Making a Thanksgiving paper chain.
 They each have a Thanksgiving verse that we read at breakfast every day.
 Chubby baby.
 She was drawing with her markers at the coffee table, and then it got really quiet for a while. I went over there and she had colored across the window sill with several colors. I think she made roads. Thankfully they're washable and Ruby was able to scrub it all off easily.
 She wanted to take a shower, so she took off all of her clothes and got in (no water). She took a book in with her and sat down and read it. :)
 First bath time together!
 She loves to play Bump in the Bed. A favorite of mine growing up.
 Yesterday we made fall stamps out of potatoes. It was tons of fun.
 Ruby did really good.
 Stamping squares.
 Counting the stamps.
 And then she went to just playing in the paint and making hand prints. :)
 Playing together again.
 Reading a book about Walt Disney.
 Reid has been practicing sitting up! He's getting better at it.
 Pretty soon he'll be sitting and crawling... Today he rolled from his back to his tummy and then kept going onto his back again. 
 Check out that baby in the mirror.
Ruby loves to stall before bed or nap time. Tonight she filled her purse and said she was going shopping at Safeway. She took her keys and everything. The knobs on the heater closet were the ignition and she "drove" to Safeway and then drove home. She's so funny.

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  1. I love it that the kids love each other and love to play together!! Also loved the picture of you and Becca! Reid's new hair is so cute and Ruby sure is thinking all the time. Funny girl with her stalling techniques! Thanks for posting these great pictures!! Love you all!


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