Tuesday, November 25, 2014

29 weeks: Ruby turns 34 months.

It's been rainy this week, so we have done some indoor activities. And the kids are still getting over being sick. Ruby is mostly better. Apparently she still has a little fluid in her ears from her ear infection. Reid still has a cough and gets snotty. He's getting a bunch more teeth though too, so that doesn't help. And the combination of those two things makes him drool non-stop. 
Ruby has been going strong with potty training. She still doesn't tell us when she has to go, which has been a source of frustration for us when she goes to the nursery at church. She says no when they ask her if she has to go, but then ends up wetting her pants. Poor girl. But, as my cousin Holly says, it's more like you're training the parents than training the kid. So we'll just have to train the nursery workers. :)
Reid has been sitting up really well. He loves to sit and play with toys. We started putting him to bed earlier at night (like 6:45) because he gets so tired. But then he's been waking up really early (like before 6).  We'll have to keep trying to figure out what works best. I'd like to get him into Ruby's room soon. We'll try that when his cold gets better. He has barely been spitting up anymore and I don't really have to burp him after he eats, which is nice. He had his 6 month checkup on Tuesday, and is 19lbs 4oz and I think 28.5 inches long. He's such a tall baby, like 95th percentile. 
We went into Salem to get some yarn to knit Uncle David a hat, and they were having a craft fair. Ruby was inspecting this flower potting bench. 
Snowy Bear stayed the night at the library on Friday night, so we went to pick him up on Saturday. All of the stuffed animals got into a lot of trouble, and they had a photo slide show. It was tons of fun. 
Making a bear cave. 
She loved the parachute. 
Casle (the library lady) reading stories. 
Reid had fun too. 
She has been so sweet with Reid lately. She says her R's really good now, so she calls him "Rrreid."
A beautiful rainbow. 
Watching it rain outside. 
She has been loving these tongs. 
Me and Reid on Sunday morning. 
Ruby and Daddy on Sunday morning. 
Sweet baby. 
Here's his top tooth. His other one came in this week too. 
She was singing "I jump to the chair to the table" and dancing around. It was hilarious. 
Shoulder ride. 
He just loves looking at interesting things. 
Play dough pie. 
She has her little chores. She empties the silverware from the dish washer, and she helps me dust and sweep. 
Pretending to nap with her guys. 
They had a drum sesh. She had a blast. 
He's so cute. 
Reading the bible at breakfast. 
Ruby turned 34 months on Wednesday!
One day we were all in the bedroom and I told Ruby to go out to the living room to play, and she said, "No! I want to stay here with my family." ❤️

Our Thanksgiving trip will be on next week's blog. 

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  1. Such fun pictures!! Sorry I missed them... got a little busy. So glad that Ruby and Reid are enjoying each other! Thanks for coming down. Miss you already!


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