Thursday, November 20, 2014

28 weeks: Sibling love

I sure love these two so much. It's been a really mellow week, mostly spent just trying to get both kids better. Ruby's doing much better and is still on her antibiotics. She's still stuffy and has a cough though. Reid has gotten worse and is really snotty and has a cough. He got his second front tooth yesterday too, so he's been miserable and drooling constantly. Like non-stop, it's kind of ridiculous how many bibs we've gone through each day. Poor guy. He's generally pretty happy though.
Ruby has been a little hard lately. She has been getting in these moods and throwing tantrums and losing control really easily. We think it might have to do with low blood sugar, so today I tried giving her more protein snacks and that seemed to help.
 We're borrowing this fun thing from some friends. Reid loves it!
 And sister wanted to put a bow in his hair. Looks pretty good. :)
 Playing together.
 We have lots of fun making train tracks.
 On Saturday, Reid slept in, so we slept in. Ruby, however, got up early without waking us up. She opened up the child lock on the game cupboard and got out a bunch of games... this is what it looked like when I woke up at 7:30. Silly girl. I'm glad she had fun. She helped clean it up.
 The cutest naked baby around. His skin is ridiculously soft.
 She made a double decker cheese and cracker sandwich.
 Reid's first ride in the cart! Ruby was so excited to have him sit next to her. They held hands for a long time and she was really good at looking after him.
 Ruby's writing what she's thankful for.
 And sticking it on the Thankful tree.
 Stopping to smell the flowers.
 Daddy was doing some exercises and Ruby was helping add some weight.
 Andy and Ruby decided to make pancakes, but they didn't follow a recipe. They just added a bunch of ingredients. Ruby wanted to add apples, so those were in them.
 The big test to see how they turn out...
 They were actually decently good pancakes! I helped by saying what actually goes into pancakes, and I also helped eat them. The apples and cinnamon were nice additions that we might have to repeat.
 Yes, Reid, you do poop a lot. ;)
 Putting her brother's sock on.
 She said this was her "orange mustache."
 She wanted him to get in bed with her. It was too cute.
 Ruby took this photo. She's getting pretty good.
 Talking on the phone to Aunt Becca.
 Reid was helping Daddy play the piano.
 Potty training Lupe. Ruby has been doing pretty good about going potty. She still doesn't usually tell me when she has to go, so I kind of have to guess. She had one or two accidents today, including a little one at the library. She'll get it though. She loves wearing her undies.
 We made a house for her trains again. She loves the dominoes.
 He really likes sitting up, and he really likes his toys.
 He's so cuddly. I'm pretty sure he would hold my finger all day if he could.
 FaceTime with Grandma Debbie.
 Snuggle time with Daddy (rare with this one).
 Reading stories to Lupe.
 Ruby took this one too. <3
 She took my order, which was Lemon Chicken with Mustard Sauce.
 And then she went to her kitchen and made it for about 10-15 minutes. So cute. I didn't know it had pickles in it.
 Playing at the library with her friend Brynn.
 Pointing at the camera.
 She started writing and said, "Mom likes food." Yes, Ruby, I do like food.
 Learning to spell.
 Ruby took this one too.
 Reid loves to grab her hair, which she doesn't like so much.
Apparently this spells Jesus. "G-E-sus."

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  1. Really cute pictures!! Love how Ruby takes care of Reid. Can't wait to see all of you!


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