Sunday, January 4, 2015

34 weeks: Ruby turns 35 months

Oh my goodness, it's been a crazy two weeks. Ruby turned 35 months the day after Christmas, and I can't believe it's less than a month until she turns three! This past week we've been getting ready for Becca and Daniel's wedding. I'll write about that next week. Reid has a double ear infection and is currently on antibiotics, and he has really not been sleeping well. I feel like a walking zombie. I honestly feel like I'm barely keeping my head above water. I hope things turn around quickly in the sleep department.
Ruby has been keeping us all laughing even though we've been tired and busy. She comes up with the funniest names for things like her horses. Some of my favorites are: Halloweena, Calorie, Tortita, Lesley, and Frangin. So funny. When she goes to read a book we haven't read a lot, she says, "I don't member that one." The ones we read a lot she has memorized. The other day she was walking around the house with my bible and was "reading" it, which really means that she was combining a bunch of different stories she knows. She also told Reid the other day, "Reid, Jesus died on the cross. Then we healed him and He came alive. And then we worshipped him." Not quite right, but so cute.
Another favorite quote of hers, "Minnie and Mickey are getting married. Not at our church because our church is kind of expensive."
Ruby got new train track connectors for Christmas. I think Daddy likes them more than she does, but she likes playing with them too.
This poor sick guy. He's so sweet though.
His finger got burned on Aunt Paula and Uncle Paul's fireplace, but it's completely better now. Poor guy.
Reid and Ruby love flying Daddy's helicopter with him.
Playing with her horses.
They love watching the huge giant ceiling fans in Costco.
Ruby's corn dog was too hot, so she was cooling it down on her smoothie.
First bath in the big bath tub! He loved it and splashed the whole time.
Love those baby rolls.
She drew a candy cane on the bath tub wall.
Ruby is such a big help. She loves cooking with me and is very careful to not touch hot things.
So sick and cuddly.
Hanging out together. This is Ruby's new jammie dress made by Grandma Debbie.
Playing with Daddy on the floor.
This is how we've been sleeping since he's sick. He would love to sleep like this all the time.
Helping me cook again.
She colors letters and spells lots of words.
Getting her hair wet.
We made Ruby a cardboard house which has been lots of fun. It even has a doorbell.
He loves playing the piano!
Ruby drew this in her house. It's a broken heart.
Nap tim.e
New Year's Eve! We went to a waffle party at the Schabel's house, but then we took the kids home and put them to bed. I stayed home and went to bed too while Andy went back to the party. Good decision. :)
Playing with her friend Penny at the party.

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  1. Just now looked at these sweet pictures!! Glad everyone is better and that the wedding went so well. Now hoping you get some deserved rest! Love you!


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