Thursday, January 15, 2015

36 weeks: Dress up

We got a little hand full of hay from Wilco (we asked if we could have it from the warehouse) for Ruby's horses to eat. She loves playing with them and we named them all this week.
 It's been a nice week at home getting ourselves back to normal. Reid has been sleeping in Ruby's room every night, and that's been working out well. Except that he still wakes up a lot. At least he's usually easier to get back to sleep. Last night I found him on his tummy one of the times. Maybe he'll sleep better when he starts rolling over to sleep more often.
Reid started dancing when we have music on. It's the cutest. And he just loves to laugh at everything and everyone. He can scoot backwards when he's on his tummy, and one time he went about 5-6 feet. He was frustrated because he wanted to go forwards. He'll get it, I'm sure. The poor guy has caught another cold. Hopefully this one won't be too bad. It doesn't seem like it so far. Andy has been sick too, and Ruby has a little cough.
 Making some apple sauce.
 Mmmm, tastes good.
 Sharing with brother.
 He loved playing the mandolin.
 She has been loving helping me cook in the kitchen and always goes to get a chair. She's really good about not touching the hot pans, and loves to stir. I love having her help!
 Our cute yeti.
 Tomato soup day! It's her favorite. I'm not sure how it got on her nose.
 Playing the matching game. Another favorite.
 Not quite ready to crawl.
 Ruby has been really into dress-up. We organized the closet in their room and found some fun dress-up things this week.
 Super Ruby!
 Shhhh... the princess is sleeping.
 Reid was asleep in the car on the way home from Target on Tuesday, so we went the back way and stopped to visit some camels.
 More dress up. Her broom has been her "shooter" and she goes around shooting everything. "Shoot. Shoot. Shoot."
 He still takes naps in his little bassinet in my room. I'm not quite sure what to do for naps when he can't sleep in it anymore, like when he starts sitting up by himself and it's not safe. I guess I'll figure it out.
 Miss sassy-pants. She's so cute.
 Snuggle time.
I found her like this this morning. She was "shopping" in there or something.

I've been in this terrible state of exhaustion the last few weeks, and it hasn't been fun. It seems like every time when I need sleep the most, the kids will not sleep or wake up often. It's hard to keep the right perspective of this time will pass soon. I'm trying to choose joy in every situation, and I'm still trying to enjoy my kids in spite of it all. Speaking of... they both just woke up from their nap. At least I got one too today. :)

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  1. Yes, it is a tired time of life! Worse than college! But, it will pass or should I say change? There are new challenges with each age! Ask often for God's help. And remember to find the things to be thankful for (I know you do!) like your precious, sweet, charming, curious, beautiful children!


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