Thursday, January 8, 2015

35 weeks: Aunt Becca's wedding, and Reid turns 8 months!

I can't believe Reid is 8 months old today! He's such a happy guy most of the time. He has this terrible chin rash though, and I think it's been giving him pain or itching. He has really not been sleeping well at all lately. I'm not sure if it's from that or from his recovering ear infection, or just because he got used to sleeping with me while he was sick and now doesn't want to sleep in his own bed. Poor guy. I really haven't been getting a ton of sleep.
Reid is starting to scoot around a little bit. He moved backward about 3 feet while he was on his tummy this evening. I think he was trying to roll over. He did roll over yesterday, so I know he hasn't forgotten how to completely. I've been doing tummy time more for him so he'll get mobile soon. I'm not really looking forward to having a crawler though. I've been having conversations with Ruby about not giving him little things. She loves bringing him his toys to play with.
Ruby has picked right back up with potty training this week. We pretty much gave up and she was just wearing pull-ups or diapers full time in the Christmas/wedding craziness. But we busted out the sticker chart again on Monday, and she has been doing really well. She's even gone poopy a few times. 
We got some really hard news this week. My Uncle David's tumor has grown, and he only has a few weeks to live. We are really sad, but rejoicing that he will be in heaven with Jesus soon. When I told Ruby that he was probably going to die soon, she said, "And he will go to heaven!" And today she wanted to sing him a song to help him feel better, so I recorded her singing Jesus, Name Above All Names and we sent it to him. It was really precious.
We saw a 4 bedroom house for rent on Craigslist the other day for only $800, so we went and looked at it and then applied for it. But this morning we decided not to get it because Ruby would have been upstairs all by herself with a steep, narrow, dark staircase. I was not a fan of that. It was a cool old house though. Maybe some day we can live in something like that. It did, however, motivate me to get the kids into the bedroom together. Reid has been in our room this whole time, and it's definitely time to move him out. He slept part of the night in the crib last night, and I put him to bed in it tonight. Both kids are sleeping now, so I'd call it a success so far. :) We've got the white noise machine going in there so they don't wake each other up.
 Chewing on a carrot. He actually got some tiny pieces off and ate them.
 Becca's wedding was last weekend! It was tons of fun. We headed up on Thursday evening for dinner at the Pullen's house. Then Friday morning me, Patty, Becca and Katie went out to a delicious brunch at La Provence and then got our nails done. Friday night was the rehearsal. Ruby was so cute learning how to be a flower girl. She wanted to wear her cat ears headband to practice.
 She loved that basket and the flower petals.
 We had lots of fun at the rehearsal dinner!
 Andy performed the ceremony and did a fantastic job!
 Reid had fun hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa's house. This little chair thing has wheels, and he was getting pretty good at moving it around.
 On the wedding day, the beautiful St. John's bridge in the fog.
Getting ready. I only put a tiny bit of lipstick on her just for fun.
 Ruby was so adorable in her wedding clothes.
 She loves her Uncle Danny.
 The Pullens have never looked so good.
The girl cousins. They were all so cute in their matching outfits.
 Becca, Danny and the kids.
And then the silly one, of course.
Ruby sure loves her Aunt Becca, who was a beautiful bride. Their shoes were very similar, gold with bows.
 Chloe wanted to hold Reid. He liked her face.
Helping Aunt Becca with her train.
 Ruby and the ring bearer Elliot (Danny's nephew).
Walking with Erin down the aisle. She did so good.
 She was so precise at dropping her flowers.
 The gorgeous couple! The ceremony was beautiful, and the reception was elegant.
 I was in charge of the desserts, and it turned out really well. I made some pies and La Bete Noire, which was delicious.
 Getting ready to light the sparklers for the bride and groom's exit. Reid liked the lighter a little too much. Watch out for that one. Ruby and the Hart kids got to go upstairs during the reception with a babysitter. The venue had two apartments up there, which was so nice! We got to relax with Reid and enjoy dinner and time with friends. Pictures were right during our normal nap time, so both kids were pretty tired. Reid actually slept through the whole ceremony. We got their jammies on before we left, and they were both asleep within minutes of getting in the car.
 Here are my nails. The lady hand painted the flowers, it was pretty fun.
 Back at home! Ruby was playing Santa Claus and having us sit on her lap. She's giving Daddy a pretend candy cane here.
 Our pretty Peach. The other day she said, "Mom, know what else is a peach? A fruit is a peach. And we eat peaches!"
 Daddy fixed her play table and she's been having lots of fun with it.
 Eating his first soft finger foods. He's been loving the pears we got from the wedding.
 Playing the drums.
 Reid was banging lids together too.
 Bath time together! They had a blast.
 Cutie pie hanging out with Mommy in the kitchen while Ruby was still asleep for her nap.
I think she was pretending these were head phones or something. So funny. 
 Wrapping Reid up in a blanket.
We looked through my Cake book to pick out a cake for her birthday. Looks like this is the one.

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  1. These pictures made me smile! What sweet memories! I'm glad Ruby did so well being the flower girl. Reid is so sweet! Can't wait to see you...SOON!


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