Thursday, March 12, 2015

44 weeks: Reid turns 10 months and remembering Uncle David

I can't believe Reid is already 10 months old! He's such a big boy. He's fitting into 18 month clothes really well now. This week he said Mama to me early in the morning, and Dada to Andy. And he copied my and Ruby's dinosaur roars today. :) He says "sss" when we say "yes." I'm pretty sure he was trying to say "ball" today too. And he started crawling on Tuesday! It's this cute thing where he uses one knee and one foot, but he gets around really well. He slept remarkably well last night, only waking up two or three times total, and this afternoon he slept an hour and a half straight in his bassinet for nap time. That's a record for sure. He does have a little bit of a cold, and I think his left side molars are about to start their entrance. Not looking forward to that.
Ruby has been so cute this week. She has been playing that Robin Hood and Maid Marian are her imaginary friends for a few days. They take naps, they follow her around, even ride in the car with us. It's too funny.
This week we went down to Medford for Uncle David's memorial. It was hard but really good. We will (and already do) miss him so much. It was so good to be with our family and grieve together. We long for heaven when we will all be redeemed and together with Jesus!
 Ruby playing with Daddy's jacket.
 Flexible boy! On our way down to Medford on Friday.
 He drove most of the way.
 Ruby loves playing at Aunt Cindy's house!
 Saturday morning the kids woke up really early, so we went to Starbucks so we wouldn't wake everyone else up.
 My sweet boy. His eyes look a lot like mine, and Ruby's eyes look a lot like Andy's.
 Lia and Reid.
 Eating a little bit of Eir Datch.
 Randall and Sophie are getting married soon, so we had a little engagement celebration.
 Cuddling with Uncle Randall after Uncle David's service.
 The kids had a babysitter upstairs. Carla and I put our baby boys down for their nap in pack n plays in a separate room. The babysitter said that the both woke up and were talking to each other over the edge of the pack n plays. So cute.
 Cuddling with Grandma. We went to dinner afterward with the whole family, and it ended up being pretty late.
 Both kids fell right to sleep when we got in the car, even though it was only a 10 minute drive.
 Snuggly boy.
 Snuggly girl.
 We had the time change that night too, so with that and going to bed late, the kids slept until 7:30! Then Grandma made Easter eggs with them.
 They had lots of fun.
 Ruby made this cake and said it was Grandma's birthday.
 She served everyone the pieces on plates.
 This guy turned 10 months old on Sunday! He doesn't really like laying on his quilt for his monthly picture anymore.
 He'd rather be up and around.
 The family all came to Cindy's house for brunch and then we had a worship service/sharing time. It was really special. And the weather was so warm we got to have it outside.
 Ruby helped feed David Daniel his snack.
 Brett, David Daniel and Reid. Love watching these boys grow up together.
 Daddy's head is so much fun!
 Holding hands.
 Apple smile.
 I made a pie and we had the Cline's over. Ruby and Aiden are best buddies.
 They have so much fun together.
Jumping on the bed! 
 Having fun visiting Daddy's office.
 Making the bed together.
 She made these binoculars.
 The weather has been lovely, so Ruby has been playing a lot in the back yard while we've been organizing the garage. She loves digging where the chicken coop used to be. There are a lot of worms.
 This guy likes being on my back.
 Playing "pitch" in the back yard.
 Just hanging out.
 Eating her popsicle on the couch. Not the best idea I've ever had. :) I'm glad our couch cover is washable.
 He had fun playing in the cupboard today.
 She dug in the dirt for worms, and then came inside and wanted to play princess. I love it.
She poured us water in old clean yogurt containers, so we used them for lunch.

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  1. Bummer, we missed Reid crawling by 2 days! Send us a short video or we can FaceTime soon. And that Ruby - such a special girl! So good to see you. Praying for all of you daily. Love you!!


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