Thursday, March 19, 2015

45 weeks: Enjoying the weather!

It's been so lovely outside this week! We've been playing in our back yard which has the best dirt pit with tons of worms (thanks to the chickens who used to be there). It's been way fun.

Reid has been on the move too. He's getting really good at crawling and pulling himself up on things. He's just the cutest thing. The poor guy has been sick though. On Sunday night in the middle of the night he got diarrhea, and it continued for three days. It was more solid today, so that's good. No fever or anything else, so I'm not sure what caused it. I'm glad he's feeling better. He is definitely working on another molar though... Reid has been sleeping incredibly better this week. He has only woken up once or twice a night the last four nights. I do hear him yell or cry a tiny bit, and then he puts himself back to sleep. I think he's been able to find his paci maybe? It's been fantastic. I hope it continues!

Yesterday Ruby said some very funny things in the car: We were talking about mommy cows and I said, "Only girls are mommys and boys are daddys. You can grow up to be a mommy. And she said, "I can grow up to be a cow." And later I heard her in her carseat saying, "It was a long slide. No! It was a short slide!" And going back and forth. I think her fingers were arguing over how long a slide her knee was for them or something. She cracks us up. She's been having a bit of a hard time with Reid crawling though. I think it frustrates her when he takes her toys. She has resorted to knocking him over or hitting him. :( Not fun. She did go poopy in the potty twice this week! Woohoo! She's doing great at potty training. Finally!
 Cutting cheese for a snack. She's so self-sufficient.
 Digging in the lovely dirt.
 She plays sick a lot and lays down with pillows and blankets.
Drinking some milk for lunch after she had tomato soup.
 He can drink a little water from his sippy cup.
 Moving the bassinet out finally. :) Now that Reid can sit up and pull himself up, we figured it was time for it to go. Now he naps in his pack n play in our room for the afternoon nap.
Grating some parmesan. She loves helping me cook, and I love teaching her!
 Making some phone calls.
 Sound asleep.
 Reid's friend Addy came over on Friday night with her parents for dinner.
 They all played go fish.
 He's loving music!
 This was hilarious. Ruby and I died laughing. Reid was laughing too, until the very end.
 Watching the rain out the window together on Sunday. This was the day that he really started getting around.
 Andy built the one on the right, and Ruby copied it with the one on the left. I'm pretty sure she built all the little ones first though.
 Reading her bible.
 I love his lips!
 Selfie with Mommy.
 Two blobfish.
 He loves banging on things. Ruby used to put so many more things in her mouth at this age. Reid just likes playing with them. They do go in his mouth sometimes, but not nearly as much.
 Grandma Patty came over on Monday and played with the kids in the back yard.
 "I don't want to eat this." (the stem). This was her first whole apple. She loved it.
 She ate a bunch, and then said, "Mom, there are seeds!" So I had to tell her about the core. 
 We had green themed food all day on Tuesday for St. Patrick's day. I steamed some spinach and pureed it with a little water, and dyed pancakes, shells and white cheddar, and polenta with it. So fun.
 Playing cars together.
 She put on this outfit to go play outside on Tuesday night when it was a little chilly. Those slippers are super dirty now.
 Andy drew a picture of him, Becca and Danny at their wedding, and then Ruby colored it.
 Getting into mischief.
 Packing up her play food.
 Today was just lovely, so we played outside, and later went for a walk to the park. Reid kept crawling off the blanket and his hands got super muddy.
 She loves being outside!
Ruby set the table for lunch. We were supposed to have our yogurt in these. Hah! And the pan in the middle of the table... She loves to do everything just like mommy does.
 We played at the library for a little bit.
 Faux hawk!
 Reid pulled himself up and played the piano. And then Ruby played Jingle Bells a little bit!
 Nursing and snuggles at bedtime.
Ruby was coloring while I put Reid to bed tonight, and she colored this on about 15 different pages. It's a farm with a barn and a chicken. So funny.

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  1. Mobile Reid has discovered dirt!! Love all the pictures! Glad you can be home with your children and enjoy all the fun moments you make together. Glad Ruby likes to cook!! Will pray that Ruby is patient with Reid. Love you!!


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