Thursday, March 5, 2015

43 weeks: More fevers, and a new baby (friend's, not ours ;)

Bat Boy!

 It has been quite a week! It started out on Friday night with a call from my friend that she was in labor. She was supposed to have a home birth, but we ended up going straight to the hospital with a severe case of pre eclampsia and she ended up with a c-section. I was up most of the night with them, I think I got to bed from 4-8am. And then I had to go back to the hospital because Cassie was getting transferred to Salem and Mike needed help with the baby. It was really cool being able to help them with their birth and their precious little Addison Eileen. She was 5 lbs 4 oz and so sweet. They're all home now and doing great.
Ruby caught a cold which started on Saturday, and Reid started getting a fever on Monday night which lasted until last night. We're pretty sure it was from his molars coming in. He's still working on the top right one. Part of it is through, but his gums are still swollen around the other part. Last night he was clearly in pain all night, and it was sad. He got to sleep with me all night. I'm hoping he does better tonight.
Reid is so close to crawling! He can really get around pretty well without it, especially backwards. And he's getting good at sitting up from his tummy by himself. He also shakes his head "no" when you do it to him. So cute. And he says "ssss" when you say "yes" to him. Along with Mama and Dada. I think he's going to be a talker like sister.
 Cassie with her baby girl right after the c-section.
 Pushing up on his feet. He's getting strong.
 Sweet baby Addison.
 We used Reid's carseat to transport the tiny baby to Salem hospital, via ambulance. It was such a blessing to help out that family so much.
 Ruby helping sweep the sidewalk.
 Sound asleep with her feet out like Daddy.
 Trying on Daddy's shoes.
 Look out! He's starting to steal her toys.
 "Helping" Mommy stack the diapers.
 She loves making tunnels.
 The weather has been so nice. Andy was working in the garage, so Ruby got to play in the back yard for a while. She found two worms and said she buried one. She loved it.
 Raids played inside with the rug.
 And I made this... Pork Ragu with Creamy Polenta. It was amazing.
 Chubby legs.
 She loves playing games.
 He was snuggling with me at nap time.
 He loves playing with Benjamin Franklin.
 Sitting at the table together!
Mommy was right there just in case.
 Silly girl.
 Ruby helped me buy some fabric at Craft Warehouse. She got to pay.
 We got a new umbrella stroller and Ruby loves playing with it.
 Sleeping babies are the best.
 They sure love each other.
 Helping Mommy sew.
 With Reid on my back.
 They played in here while I made our bed.
 They loved it and had a blast!
 And then Ruby read her baby book.
 These are fun!
 Pushing brother around.
 His legs didn't go in the holes. He's getting to the point where he really doesn't like going in this thing anymore. He just wants to be able to move around and play on the floor.
 Exploring the game cupboard.
 Playing in the kitchen together.
 He's just so cute.
 Playing with my girl.
 Painting. She was putting crumpled up paper in the paints. It looks like gum.

"I want to look pretty for the funeral."
We're heading south for Uncle David's funeral this weekend. We're looking forward to spending time with family and celebrating Uncle David's life, but we know we will miss him a lot. 
And here's a family photo from Becca's wedding. I love it.

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  1. Sweet pictures as usual... love each one! see you soon!


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