Thursday, March 26, 2015

46 weeks: Big news!

We've got some big news this week... we're moving! Andy got a job in Portland at Cascade Web Development. He's going to be a Project Manager. We're excited about this new transition and new season we're heading into. We've been doing a lot of packing and a lot of saying goodbye to friends. At least it's not a long distance move, and we'll see people from here still. It's been a crazy last few years since Andy moved to being the youth pastor instead of the middle school pastor. This new job will allow him to be at home a lot more, and to be able to leave work at work. That is a much needed change for our family. We're very grateful for our time here at Foothills and will miss it a lot.
We might be moving into a condo in Lake Oswego, we're just waiting to hear from them. If not, we'll keep looking. We'll have to live at the Pullen's house for a few weeks between though, because it's not going to be done with its remodel until sometime in May. Through this process we've realized that we own a lot of stuff. It's been good to go through it and get rid of some of it. It will be hard to fit into a small space though. 
 Ruby did this with her Cheerio's. She said it was a phone (the numbers).
He's been pulling himself up on everything.
 Reid is trying to walk!
 Getting some food in Portland. One of our three trips up there this week to find somewhere to live.
Ruby found a friend and had fun playing. 
 Smiley guy playing in the back yard.
 I just love this tree at the park. It's so beautiful. I want one for my back yard some day, and I'll put lights in it and a table under it.
 An evening walk to the park.
Pushing brother on the swing.
 Post bath. I love his lips.
With Mama.
 I said, "Ruby, are you my sous chef?" And she said, "No, I'm your Ruby chef!"
Twinsies! I love that she loves to cook with me!
 I think she was playing the violin on the xylophone.
 This poor guy caught Ruby's cold and has been really stuffy. So he has turned into a mouth breather. He has been sleeping really well still up until last night when he woke up every 1.5 to 2 hours the whole night. He's getting another molar in, and on top of being sick he's just not sleeping well. Speaking of that... Ruby hasn't napped the last two days and Reid has taken really short naps. It might be because I've been packing during nap time and not sleeping. They can sense something different.
 Jumping down the ottoman lid and leaving foot prints.
Our little beauty. 
 Slicing some more cheese first thing in the morning. So funny.
 Playing sleep.
 And playing in the diapers. At least they were clean.
 This was our house the other day... Crazy mess. We got it all cleaned up though.
 She said, "I'm Maid Marian."
 She's been eating whole apples this week, pretty much one every day.
Ruby drew this picture of Daddy a while ago. I think that's ear wax in his ears. The best person picture she's drawn yet!
 He's such a boy. He loves making the cars go back and forth.
 He couldn't wait to get in the bath. He loves to splash!
 Reading. She loves the Richard Scarry books.
 This is how the kids' tiny closet is organized. Not too bad! I'm excited to have bigger closets though.
 Making "pancakes."
 She got all the food out to make a store. She charged me $35 for all of that.
"Look, it's a person!" 
 The Butenschoens came for dinner last night. Ruby and Penny played doctor.
 He's been good at feeding himself halved Cheerio's the last few days. But of course Ruby wanted to help out.
He likes to go up on his knees. 
Ruby turned 38 months today. She's so fun. I did have to bribe her to get this photo though. :)
This is from our Medford trip a few weeks ago. She's so cute!

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  1. Such cute pictures of cute kids!! Glad they can enjoy each other! Won't be long before Reid is walking! So glad Ruby likes to cook. Love you and see you soon!!


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