Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Also 48 weeks: The rest of our trip, and Reid turns 11 months.

So sorry I have missed a few weeks of blogging. We moved to our new house and didn't get internet service until yesterday. So now I'll do a few posts to update on our last few weeks! Here's the rest of our Massachusetts trip in photos.
They had these white boards at the reception for a game, and Ruby brought some of them home. She loves drawing on them!
On Saturday we went to Boston with our cousins and friends. It was a super fun day. We ate lunch at the Bell in Hand Tavern (one of the oldest taverns in the US) with these guys.
I ate my first lobster roll, and it was delicious!
Across the street was the Green Dragon Tavern, where Paul Revere overheard the British news.
Ruby was really sad that she couldn't taste Daddy's beer. Hah.
Apparently a Richard Pullen was an innkeeper there.
We spent the rest of the day following the Freedom Trail through Boston. It was so interesting. Here Andy is explaining some history to Ruby.
Ruby and Lia had fun in the dry fountains.
A perfect Ruby-sized door.
Sitting in the North Church just like our forefathers.
They had these booth things, which were great for containing small children. ;)
An old, old cemetery. This was the oldest gravestone there from the 1600's.
Ruby and Lia playing. They sure had fun together!
Hanging out on the deck of the USS Constitution.
The clouds were moving, and it looked like the mast was going to fall. Or like we were sailing.
Old Iron Sides herself.
Ruby had fun pushing this eagle around the gift shop.
We rode a ferry back to Boston Common where our cars were parked.
On the spot of the Boston Massacre. Bye, Dad.
It was cold! My mom lent me this scarf for Reid. I'm glad I ran back to get his hat!
Our family with Paul Revere's statue.
Ruby and Andy in front of the Green Dragon Tavern. I love this picture.
Sunday was Easter. We went to church with the Buchanan's and then went to their house in Falmouth for lunch. The kids had fun playing with these toys. And it was a really cool old house.
Andy and Reid eating lunch.
Of course my mother provided Easter Eggs for a hunt for the kids.
Reid got in on the action a little bit too.
Hunting for the eggs.
They can't see it... can you?
Enjoying their booty.
She had lots of fun.
We went swimming at Warren and Libby Hall's hotel pool. Everybody had lots of fun.
Ruby holding Reid.
Fun Uncle Andy.
This is the view from our window at our rental house. The lake had a lot of ice on it when we first got there, but then it warmed up a little so it melted. It was gorgeous.
Reidsy with Grandma.
On Monday we drove down the Cape a ways. We stopped at the beach.
The sand was soft.
And it was a gorgeous day, so it was bright!
Me and my Love.
She had fun collecting shells. It was weird though because there were no waves.
Reid got cold so we went back to the car to play with all of the buttons.
On Tuesday we drove to Newport, RI and went on a tour of The Breakers, a Vanderbilt mansion. It was CRAZY!!
I wasn't supposed to take photos, but Andy and Ruby stayed home and wanted some. This was the kitchen. This house was so ornate, it was ridiculous. I guess it took a staff of 40 people to run it.
This is where Ruby slept. Pretty cozy.
Reading together. She really loved being with her cousins so much. When we got home she was so sad because I think she wanted to live with them permanently.
Grandpa following Ruby around as she collected sticks and things.
Andy and I got to go out on a date to this very cute Italian restaurant in Falmouth on Tuesday night. It was lovely. I really liked the menus.
Morning cuddles.
Our family in front of the rental house. What a blessing it was!
On Wednesday we drove up the coast and visited Plymouth Rock. It was kind of a small rock, and it was really cold and windy there.
Ruby colored on her face, and we ate lunch in the car on the way to Boston.
We had truffle fries at Warren Tavern, another one of Paul Revere's haunts. This one was the oldest tavern in its original building. The beams were salvaged from old ships.
Ruby had fun with this light.
At the airport! These guys were pretty tired at this point.
Mom contained Reid with the bags and he had fun playing with them.
Watching a movie together.
We finally got their jimmies on and got them to sleep on the plane. Coming back was rough with the time change.
At the PDX airport we said goodbye to my family, and Del and Patty came to pick us up. Then we drove home to Stayton for our last few nights there.
When we got home I had to take Reid's 11 month photo. :)

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