Friday, April 3, 2015

47 weeks: Packing like mad.

This week has been crazy! Getting ready to move, driving to Portland a bazillion times, packing, also getting ready to go to Cape Cod... Wow. So I'm posting this like a week and a half late, but I say better late than never. :) So it's just the pictures for you mostly.
Ruby drew this last month, but it's her first actual person drawing. It's a picture of Andy with ear wax in his ears, hair, clothes on, and several other features. So cute.
He crawled in this himself.
She was "washing her hands" in the chives.
Daddy headed to youth group, and it was such a lovely evening that we headed outside for some rolling down the hill and play time.
The kids loved it.
Such a little beauty.
We went out to breakfast on Friday morning for one last hurrah at the Word of Mouth Bistro. It was delicious. Ruby devoured her blueberry pancake.
Helping me wash dishes.
Playing that she's a bride. She usually gets married to Robin Hood.
He's getting around and into everything. He just loves playing with things.
I heard some grunting, and I went over to find this! He crawled all the way through by himself.
A walk to the park. Ruby did really good "walking out".
We brought our snacks.
They loved swinging together.
He was cracking up.
Then Daddy joined us for our walk home.
Love this face. And this girl loves her salmon.
He greets me like this now.
She loves popping all of the bubble wrap.
This is how we get packing done.
Silly girl. :)
Such a good helper.
He was going cross-eyed staring at the bill.
This is how she watches movies or shows. Sitting right in the middle of the couch.
She found a play phone in the car at Safeway and was texting and talking. At one point she said, "Hello? How are you?. I think I have the wrong number."
Showing me how to take the tail off of a shrimp.
She got to use a big bowl.
Playing house while we pack.
Ruby gave Reid a cape.
She got into the sunscreen.
We've been reading Jumping Jacky, a book from my childhood, and it made Ruby want to get out her leotard. In this picture she was pretending that she and Jacky were eating a snack together. I love her imagination. She did say, "Jacky needs to go get dressed. She's just wearing her jumping swimsuit."

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  1. Now I know why Ruby wanted to jump on the beds in Falmouth! She does have a great imagination! I love the picture of Reid looking at the hat bill. Would love that one by email! Also beautiful Ruby picture. Love you and am praying for your packing!


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