Friday, April 10, 2015

48 weeks: The wedding!

I have so many pictures from Randall and Sophie's wedding that I decided to do a separate post. :) We left on Tuesday (3/31) and spent the night at Del and Patty's house, and then left for the airport super early in the morning.
 Ruby being silly at dinner.
 Ruby is such a big helper now! She wheeled this suitcase all through the airport.
 After we got through security we met up with my parents and Cindy's family. Ruby was so excited to see her cousins.
 They played a lot on the plane ride to Boston. The kids did really well and we all got rental cars and drove to Falmouth, MA from there.
 We stayed at a big, beautiful rental house by a lake. It was really cold there. Mom taught Reid how to climb the stairs.
 On Thursday the girls all went to a bridal breakfast to honor Sophie. It was great to meet some of her family. These girls found this lizard named Leo. Lia loved him. The boys all went to an aquarium and a lighthouse.
 After Sophie opened her gifts, Ruby kept wrapping up a knife in a napkin and opening it. Every time she said, "It's a knife!"
 New sister!
 The girls with Almost Aunt Sophie.
 That afternoon we all had a nice nap. Daddy is so good at getting Ruby to sleep.
 Reid had a ton of fun with this big box of Duplos.
I thought this was funny.
 On Thursday evening we had the rehearsal at the library. These girls had fun.
 Randall walking Mom in.
 Cindy and Reidsy.
 Ruby kept rearranging the chairs.
 Lia had fun walking Reid around.
 Getting a ride from Uncle Randall.
 Practicing their "I do's".
 Friday morning we had a nice family breakfast and celebrated my and Randall's birthdays.
 We love our family. :)
 They played "doctor" a lot.
 More playing "doctor." The "F" on her forehead is for "fever."
 We're so excited for our little brother!
 Lia taught her how to do this, and she could get down at the end all by herself.
 I painted the girls' nails.
 Walking Mom in for real.
 Randall watching his bride come down the aisle.
 The happy couple saying their vows. :)
Mr. and Mrs. Randall and Sophie Wetzig
 These girls did great!
 It was so fun to have the DeRosses and Carsons there too.
 Our little family.
 The wedding party. We were all very sad that Greg was sick and couldn't make it.
 The happy couple!
A wedding selfie with the groom. I love this guy.
 Then we all headed to the reception. They had this photo booth thing, and Ruby had tons of fun with it. They probably have at least 100 photos of her. :)
 Handsome Reid hanging out during dinner.
 I made their wedding cake, which was fun. Then they decided to cut it with this plastic pirate sword.
 Ruby didn't catch the bouquet, and she was really sad and almost cried. So we asked the girl who caught it if she could hold it for a minute. She loved it!
 Our family with the newlyweds.

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