Thursday, May 7, 2015

52 weeks: Almost one!

 I can't believe this guy is turning one tomorrow! It's been such a fun year getting to know him. He's such a special addition to our family. We're having a little birthday party tomorrow night, which will be fun. Our first event at our new place. We've been doing a lot of birthday party prep the last week or so, but we also found time to do some fun outings.
 Ruby wanted to do paper airplanes. So we colored papers, and then folded them into airplanes. They flew really well!
 Writing a check.
 She loves to do this at cart returns in parking lots.
 On Friday night we went to the Pullens house for a celebration for Becca's graduation. The kids had fun with their cousins.
 Helping Daddy put up our new rug.
 He's been loving to read books.
 We took the car to get the brakes checked (they were fine), and we spent some time at Fred Meyer. The kids loved driving the police cart.
 And then we went by the library just in time for Baby Time! Reid only got to go this once because he's turning one. Fun for Ones is the next class up that we'll have to start going to.
 He had a ton of fun.
 Ruby did too!
 Ruby wrote her own name tag.
 Playing doctor. I think my ear was bleeding.
 They get so excited when Daddy comes home!
 We went out on an ice cream date. It was yummy!
 Reid wanted to play with it more than eat it.
 Ruby likes to play that she's a baby. She says, "Mom, we have a new baby."
 "Mom, I sleep like this sometimes." But she really doesn't. She was being silly.
 He really wanted to play with the car.
 Ruby was telling Andy a story.
 He's so cute! He loves playing with toys.
 And looking in the mirror.
 Helping me make rolls this morning.
 And then we played Go Fish with Uno cards.
Cuddles with Daddy.

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  1. ,Now that we have been to your house, we can picture it so much more! Great to see these pre-birthday pictures. Thanks for all your hospitality. Please tell Ruby and Reid thanks for letting us stay in their room. We loved seeing all of you!


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