Thursday, May 28, 2015


This has been a busy week. Reid has been getting a lot better with his hand-foot-mouth disease. His rash is healing up nicely. Ruby never got it, which is great. I was pretty sick over the weekend with just a sore throat (red with white spots too), and really bad body aches. But I was mostly better by Monday, which was Memorial Day, so Andy had it off. That was nice. 
On Sunday we were all standing around in our bedroom and Reid was holding onto the door, when suddenly he took off and walked about 8 wobbly steps to the bed! We were all in shock. We kept trying to get him to do it again and he wouldn't. It was the funniest thing. He will go from one piece of furniture to the other with a few steps in between. I'm sure walking a lot is in his near future. He had his one year appointment today with a new doctor up here in Beaverton. He was 22 lbs 10oz and 30 1/2 inches tall. He's getting so big! He was in the 59th percentile for weight, and 66th for height. He seems like such a big boy, but I guess he's pretty near average.
Ruby has been having such trouble with potty training that we have put her back in diapers/pull-ups full time for this week. We figure it might help us to reset and start over. I'm sure she'll get it soon, but we don't want to force her to use the potty. That's not fun for anyone. She has been doing really well otherwise though. We went down to Stayton for Mom-to-mom yesterday, and she was sad that we don't live in Stayton anymore. That's hard. But she has been doing a lot better with her emotions.
 Cutie boy in the car.
 We made new play dough. She loves playing with it every day.
 Reading stories to my babies. <3
 Reid got ahold of the drawer. He just pulls things out one at a time and loves it. That boy loves to laugh too. Today I almost had him to sleep for nap when he sneezed and started cracking up. Then he had the hiccups and would laugh after every one. Silly boy.
 Playing together in their closet.
 We had to give them baths separately because of Reid's HFM disease. He really wanted to join her.
 Snuggly guy.
 She had lots of fun riding her bike on Monday.
 Helping me freeze some ground beef. She's such a good helper and loves it.
 Ruby turned 40 months old this week! Craziness.
 We love the library. They have a cool book scanner thing that she loves to use.
 Eating her all-time favorite lunch... tomato soup and grilled cheese.
 They love getting new library books.
 Big hamburger!
 Yesterday we surprised Daddy after work with a picnic in the park. We all had a ton of fun.
 It was a lovely day.
 Playing at the play ground. His first time in shoes.
 She had fun playing with Daddy.
 His hair is getting long. We're going to cut it next week.
 She wanted to ride in the Ergo on a little walk down 21st.
 Hugging Daddy before he left for work. We're all sad when he has to leave in the mornings.

She has such pretty curly hair!

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  1. I'm glad that Reid loves to laugh so much! Can't wait to hear it. And that Ruby, she is growing up so fast, so glad she is so helpful. Will pray about her emotions and potty training. It will come in time! Love you!


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