Thursday, May 14, 2015

Reid's first birthday!

Our boy turned one on Friday!! I can't believe how fast this year has gone. It's been full of lots of joy. He took one and a half steps on his birthday, but hasn't really tried since. He does get around very well though by holding onto things. He loves pushing around his push toys, laundry baskets, chairs, etc. The best thing we saw him pushing around was Ruby's play table upside down. He tries to say everything that we say, his favorite things to say are "eat" and "urse" (nurse). And of course, Mama and Dada. He loves climbing up on the couch (when Ruby's making a fort out of the cushions), getting tackled by Ruby, poking noses and eyes, playing with Mommy's hair, and reading books. He has been sleeping really well the past few weeks, only waking up twice a night, except for last night which was a bunch (I think his teeth hurt). He has 14 teeth currently and is working on another one. His favorite foods are Cheerio's and pureed green beans. He's such a sweet cuddly boy, we sure love him a lot!
Here's his birthday invitation that Andy made. So cute.
Birthday morning snuggles.
 Birthday breakfast FaceTime chat with the Halls.
 Ruby helped Grandpa build us a fence in the back yard!
 Birthday nap!
 We had Reid's cake party in the evening. This is our friend Nora who is just a little younger than Reid. We also had my parents and a bunch of Andy's family there.
 Selfie with Mama.
 Reid's birthday cakes! I baked all day and they were delicious.
 Singing Happy Birthday.
 He wasn't sure what to do with his piece of cake.
 Playing with it.
 He tried a little bit.
 Ruby helped him eat it, and then almost the whole piece ended up on the floor.
 Eating the crumbs. I think he liked the chocolate the best.
 Unwrapping his gifts.
 He loved them all!
 Ruby helped, of course.
 Our birthday family photo. I made a photo banner of his monthly photos.
 Playing with his new toys.
 On Saturday we went out to breakfast with my parents.
 Then we went to Andy's train car where he works, and Ruby drew this person on the white board (a wall, actually). I think the stuff coming out of the ears is ear wax.
 Photo with Grandma and Grandpa.
 Then we went to Omsi for a little while. Ruby really likes running on all of the brick lines.
 Reid had fun in the baby area.
 Playing the bells.
 Ruby had fun in the sand area and the water area.
 In the evening we went up to the St. John's Bizarre where Uncle Danny's band played.
 Hanging out with Grandma.
 I think the music was a little loud for Ruby.
 This is Reid with our friend Etta on Sunday at church. She wanted to hold him...
 And then he drooled on her arm. It was hilarious.
 Ruby had fun running around the church sign with Ania and Etta.
 This is our attempts of my annual Mother's Day photo with our kids.
I think this was the best one. I sure love these two. It's such a privilege to be their Mommy. 
This was Reid's present from Uncle Randy and Aunt Sophie, but Ruby sure likes it. 
Practicing pool time for summer. 
 Ruby was playing "camp" and rolls up my kitchen rug as her sleeping bag. It's so cute.
 We switched cars so Andy drives the Honda to work and the kids and I take the Olds. We switched carseats too, so Reid is in the big one.
 A rare photo of Ruby napping. She has been really tired for the past two weeks since she got a cold. She's better from her cold, but she keeps being tired and we're not sure why. We're keeping an eye on her and I'll take her to the doctor if it continues. I hope it's nothing and goes away soon. Poor girl.
 The kids both love the Sound of Music.
 Leftover cake! Vanilla/vanilla for Andy, and Chocolate/chocolate for me. :)
 Being cute at Fred Meyer. I had to take the cars to Les Schwab three times in the past week and a half, but thankfully it's right next to Fred Meyer. So we've been spending a lot of time there.
 Lounging in the family bathroom.
Post-nap photo.
 Ruby got this sweet photo.
 My little bug in his cocoon.
 She was having Alisha nurse from the cow. She had asked what the udders were previously. Hah!
 I moved Ruby's mattress for washing the sheets, so these guys had a lot of fun with her bed. Reid climbed all over it for a long time.
 I put him in the dryer for a photo like the one of Quin and one of Ruby when they were little. He didn't like it so much.
 My little reader. She was saying all of the words of Love You Forever.
 He loves pushing his truck.
 We ate lunch at Fred Meyer while our Olds was getting new brakes and tires. These car carts are pretty great.
 Our pretty girl downtown.
 We went out for ice cream last night. Ruby liked her chocolate covered banana, but pretty much just ate the chocolate.
 These guys love playing drums on the pots and pans!
 Doing makeup with Mommy.
 We went to the library again for Fun for Ones and had a good time.

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  1. I miss everyone so much already!! Fun pictures! Love you and love the cakes!


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