Saturday, May 23, 2015

Two sick kids

This week has been a little bit brutal. Both kids have been sick. On Sunday, Ruby threw up on the way home from church, and then had a fever for a day or so. Then on Wednesday, Reid got a fever and was super fussy. We're pretty sure he has hand-foot-mouth disease. It really hasn't been fun, and I'm pretty sure I have it too. Bleh. Hopefully we'll both recover quickly and Andy and Ruby won't get it too...

Aside from being sick, Reid has been really about to walk. He'll take a little step here and there, like he could walk but just doesn't think that's an option. Andy said he'll probably go from crawling to running in about a day, which I think is probably accurate. He's just such a fun little guy, too. He loves to wrestle and play. The kids have been playing together pretty well, except of course when Ruby takes Reid's toys he puts up a big fuss. And she's not super gentle when she tries to wrestle him.

Ruby has been a little less tired in the last few days, so that's good. I was getting worried, and she has a doctor's appointment for next Friday. I'll cancel it if she perks up more. It's been about a month since she's been extra tired a lot, and we've been worried about it. But since she's doing better with it I'm not as worried. She has really been loving the songs from the Sound of Music and has been singing them pretty much non-stop. It's so cute. This morning she came to me with some play dough and said, "Look Mom, it's forsume." I though she said, "for Sam," so I said, "Who is Sam?" Then she said, "No, forsume." I finally figured out that she meant "perfume." Haha.
 I love the people that Ruby draws. They are so cute.
 This guy loves his Cheerio's. They didn't stay in the bowl though.
 Daddy and Ruby built a tent in the living room.
 Playing in the tent! It was pretty roomy in there.
 Ruby's getting really good at cutting things out of her play dough. She gets it out all of the time to play.
 Sunday after church we went out to lunch with these friends. Ania(9) on the left, Etta(5) on the right. Ruby really loves these girls. And then she got really pale and tired, so we left to go home. But then right when we turned on our street, she threw up. Poor thing.
 Ruby ate a banana and piece of toast several times while she was sick. And she really liked eating in her room with the pillows like this.
 Making a mess!
 Her requested meal. She drank a ton of water while she was sick too.
 Starting to feel better! These guys really love playing outside.
 She took my book and read "Jesus dying on the cross." She knows that one by heart from her bible story book.
 What a cutie! I love his chub.
 Counting the minutes until Reid has his nap.
 I found this in Ruby's play kitchen. Soup, apparently.
 We like to play red light green light in the living room.
 On Tuesday our friends Cheryl and Nora came over! Nora is a very sweet baby about to turn one. (Unfortunately Reid shared his hand-foot-mouth disease with her too, we didn't know he had it yet when she was there).
 Playing together!
 They love the laundry baskets. This was about when Reid started his fever.
 Since Ruby was feeling so much better and got a little stir crazy from being home all day Monday and Tuesday, we decided to go to Omsi for a little bit. But now I feel bad for exposing everyone there to Reid's virus. Oops.
 They love playing in the sand area. It's so fun!
 This thing blows air up and makes these little balls hover. Reid loved it!
 More outside time! It was really warm so we got out the water.
 They had a blast.
 But it was probably a huge mistake for poor Reid. He didn't feel good after that.
Cuddly little guy. His fever got to 101.5 before bed on Wednesday night, and then he slept horribly. He was up about every 30-45 minutes all night. It was brutal. 
 This little squirrel came right to our back door. We put some peanuts out for it and watched it eat them. It was so fun!
 Making some cake. Grandma Patty came over on Thursday morning for a while to play with the kids while I got some rest from being up all night. That was really nice.
 She wanted to lay in her dolly bed. She didn't quite fit. :)
 We went on a nice, long walk Thursday afternoon around the neighborhood to the north of us. It was lovely. They have some nice walking trails around.

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  1. Fun pictures even though you were all sick. Wish we lived closer!! Hopefully the spread of HFM stops! Sorry you got it. Will call soon. Love, Mom


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