Thursday, June 18, 2015

Impromptu road trip

It's been a super busy week! We have done a bunch of fun things, and we're all tired now because of it. :) The kids just take it all in stride though. They love getting out of the house and staying busy. Reid has been walking really well, especially if he's holding something in his hands. I remember Ruby doing that too. It's super cute. One evening this week we were praying and Andy was just holding his hand out to Reid, and Reid started putting pieces of his hamburger into Andy's hand instead of holding it. It was hilarious and we all started cracking up. He loves handing us things.
Ruby's been doing really good at going potty this week, thankfully. Hopefully we've turned a corner.
 The silliest, cutest kids around.
 Ruby's art.
 They love wrestling and playing together.
 The Butenschoen's came over for dinner on Saturday, so Ruby drew a family portrait of them. She's getting pretty good.
 Ruby and Penny played and played. They mostly played house where they cooked lots of food...
 ...and took care of the babies. Adorable.
 Ruby came out of the bathroom and said, "Mommy! I spelled my name!" Sure enough, she did!
 Ruby and Lupita. They're pretty cute. Every time they're both in the back yards they want to play together.
 On Sunday night it was gorgeous out, so we ventured to the MAX station and took it downtown.
 Ruby was enthralled. We stopped at Pioneer Square and went to the park a few blocks away.
 It has a fun pond with fountain things, and the kids had a ton of fun. Reid got a little wet.
It was a blast.
 She loves walking on things like this.
 We've been working out! We've been doing T25 for the last week and a half, and it's been really good. I can feel myself getting stronger. :)
 Snacking/playing together in undies/diaper.
 We went to the library on Monday afternoon. Ruby loves helping scan all of the books.
 I got her a squirt gun from Winco, and she loves it!
 Pauline and Lupe were sick, so Ruby was taking them to the doctor.
 He has been so funny lately. He loves his blankets, and when he gets ahold of them, he puts them on himself and lays down.
 Matching jammies!
 We went to the zoo on Tuesday. Ruby loves these fish.
 So does Reid.
 We saw the new elephant place! It was great.
 Reid has been loving crackers. He takes a long time to eat them. It's too cute.
 Ruby and the elephant.
 The kids played with these rocks for a long time. Reid figured out how to put a rock on the top of the ramp and it would slide all the way down. So he kept doing it. Smart guy.
 He's looking so grown up lately! Such a big boy.
 Riding on the lion.
 Ruby kept finding little spots and saying it was her house.
 Trying to reach the waterfall. When she started putting her feet up on the fence I put a stop to that. I didn't want to have to rescue her from the water. ;)
 Another little cave house.
My favorite quotes from Ruby at the zoo:
"That's not a grizzly bear, that's a horse."
"Mom, why do elephants have bottoms?"
"I want to go see the poop again."

Also another quote from a few weeks ago that was the best:
"Only two people float away in the sky. Jesus, and Mary Poppins."
 Eating a sandwich. Well, kind of.
 He loves to snuggle after his naps. Ruby does not, so I enjoy it.
 She wanted to clean the window.
 Ruby's first big ear of corn. She did pretty good.
 I put the sprinkler on, and then this happened.
 He was trying to help me put away the diapers... not quite, buddy.
 We went to Lush at the mall, and Ruby had fun trying out their products.
 Yesterday Andy had the idea of running up to Seattle to catch the Giants game, so we went for it! It was a little last minute and crazy, but also a ton of fun.
 Go Giants!
 Reid loved pointing at all of the interesting things.
 It was a nice evening for a baseball game.
 These poor people in front of us got kicked, hair played with, popcorn spilled on them, maybe spit up on... they were nice though.
 Figuring out the game.
 He had fun.
 Such a pretty view of the city! Almost as good as the bay view in San Francisco. ;)
 Madison Bumgarner himself. :) He struck out a bunch of guys.
 Being silly.
 The sunset was just gorgeous! Too bad we lost 2-0, but we had a lot of fun anyway. After the game we were going to stay at my cousin Heidi's house, but we decided it would be easier to just head all the way home. We got in at about 1:15am, and it was hard to stay awake! I kept poking Andy and talking together.
 Aaaaaand... we got Andy an apple watch for Father's Day. Ruby spilled the beans in the car on the way to Seattle, so we gave it to him this morning early. He was surprised.
Today we went berry picking with Grandma Patty and Katie's family. It was lots of fun and we have some yummy raspberries now.

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  1. Wow, super fun photos!! Sounds like Ruby and Reid are settling in your new place and loving it. Glad she has a good friend next door. Can't wait to see Reid really walking. Love and miss you all so much!!


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