Friday, June 12, 2015

Wedding reception and Reid turns 13 months

Wow, this week has been a busy one! It's been really hot, so we spent a lot of time outside. We also drove down to Randall and Sophie's wedding reception at my parents' house, which was a lot of fun, and good to see family and friends.
Reid has started walking a lot this week! On Tuesday he learned to stand up without holding onto anything, and now he walks around a lot. He loves holding things in his hands while he walks. It's so cute. He also has figured out what to do with things. For example, when I hand him a pen, he tries to color with it. He got his blanket yesterday and got it around his shoulders and kept laying down like he was going to go to sleep. He's a smart little guy. He's still taking a morning and afternoon nap. I though he was trying to give one up, but not yet.
 This little girl loves to entertain everybody! Whether it's singing songs on her "stage" or doing a parade (running by really fast while you sit and watch), or playing wedding, she keeps it lively around here.
We have gone back to undies, and Ruby is doing really good. She still waits until nap time when she has a diaper on to go poopy, but she hasn't had any accidents today.
 He loves playing in the dirt!
 She was reading to him. So cute.
 First thing when we got to Grandma and Grandpa's house, Ruby wanted to jump on the trampoline with Daddy and cousin Nate.
 Reid loved bouncing on this! He was pretty good at it.
 The guys getting ready for the reception.
 I've been loving her hair lately. It's gorgeous.
 Cooling down a little bit. It was hot!
 More jumping! She couldn't get enough.
 She wore herself out and took a nice nap.
 The newlyweds! It was fun celebrating them.
 A bunch of the cousins and some of the Greenmans.
 This is my favorite picture ever of these four. I love them.
 The kids dancing!
 Reid was getting sleepy so Aunt Jenni held him for a long time.
 We all did a line dance. Some of these Grenada Bereaners have never danced in their lives! It was great.
 And he's asleep with Aunt Mary. That's Amelia with Aunt Paula.
 We all went to church to hear my dad preach the next morning.
 Andy snapped this photo. :)
 On the way home! It took us forever to get home because we had to make a bunch of stops for various things. Oh well.
Book worms. 
Reid's 13 month photo! 
And a big kiss from Ruby. She loves to kiss him. 
 Not so happy about him trying to play with her toy.
 We stopped by a park for a little bit on Tuesday after we went to Target.
 He loved climbing up the slide.
 And they both loved the swings!
 Ruby has been napping in our room while Reid is in his crib. She came out one day in this, saying it was her "dressing gown." She has skipped her nap twice this week. We'll see if the trend continues. She still has rest time though.
 Tuesday afternoon we were playing in the back yard, and Lupita, our neighbor girl came over and played with us. She's about 10 months younger than Ruby and speaks mostly Spanish. They don't seem to care though, and have tons of fun together.
 When Ruby would take a drink from the hose, Lupe would crack up laughing.
 Reid got doused with the hose and loved it!
 Naked baby!
 On Wednesday the kids and I went down to Aunt Paula's house to play with Heidi and her kids. It was tons of fun. Ruby got to hold baby kittens and pet baby goats. And pick raspberries.
 They have a trampoline too! Both of my kids loved it.
Reid and Amelia had fun playing in the water together.
 So did Ruby, Jack and Sam!
 Back at home in our back yard.
 Reid really liked holding the hose.
 So cute how he's sitting.
 She was talking to Grandma.
We stopped at the mall today to return a shirt, and Ruby's two requests were to go to the Apple store (to play on the kids iPads) and the Lego store. I wonder who she was at the mall with last time... ;)

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  1. Oh I love to look at these pictures! Thanks for posting. It's nice you could get together with Heidi. This week has gone by incredibly fast, and we haven't even Facebooked. Will have to do that SOON! Love you, love your kids!


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