Monday, June 29, 2015


I'm super late getting this blog post up. Sorry! It's been a crazy week for sure. Last week we had a bunch of fun and did fun things with family and friends. Our little Reid is so smart. He copies a lot of the words we say, and he knows a bunch. He also has his own little language. His favorite thing to say is "zagaa." Who knows what it means. :) He has mostly dropped his morning nap and goes to sleep after lunch. He still likes to cuddle and nurse at 9-ish and I put him down if he's sleepy, but most of the time lately he's been awake, so we skip the nap. It's fine by me. That frees us up in the morning to be able to do fun stuff, and he naps longer in the afternoons.
Ruby has been really loving to play pretend, and she's constantly singing. She's doing really well with going potty, I just have to take her often. If I forget, she still has accidents. (We just did Crater Lake all weekend with her in undies, and it went great! But more of that next week).
Here's a few more pictures of berry picking with cousins from last Thursday. Reid and Coraline were cute.
Ruby just about ate her weight in raspberries.
Reid kept wanting to touch and poke the chickens.
I love these two boys.
He knows what to do with the remote.
Playing together outside. We love our back yard.
We had a fun Cootie game while Reid was napping.
On Saturday we met our friends at the park. It was way fun. Reid just loved sitting on this merry-go-round.
Huge swing!
It was like a pirate ship. So fun.
Ruby likes to put her slinky in the drawer and pretend it's a shower.
I love it when they hold hands. :)
Sound asleep!
Story time before nap on Father's Day.
On Sunday we took Ruby to her first movie!
She ate lots of popcorn and loved seeing Inside Out. It was an excellent movie.
Happy Father's Day, Andy! We love you so much!
Ruby got all of these things out of the fridge while she was looking for something else.
Monday we went to play with our friend Nora. The babies enjoyed some outside pen time. ;)
Such cuties. They're just over a month apart.
Ruby likes drinking from the hose and the spray that sometimes comes out of the faucet.
Bath time cutie. I just love his blue blue eyes.
Ruby likes to play "baptize" after Reid gets out of the bath. Hah!
All clean!
Ruby and I did a letter lesson and she learned how to draw "A" and "a". She drew a few, and then kept drawing "N" instead and laughing.
Story time with my boy. He loves turning pages.
I love having a girl.
And I love having a boy! They're both so fun.
Reid loves getting his blanket and laying down. Ruby joined in too.

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  1. Sure wish we were closer to enjoy these two more!! They are so cute and lovable.
    You are doing a great job with them!!


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