Friday, August 7, 2015

The Fair

This week has been tough. Reid is at the point where he loves to climb on things (like the chairs and table) and loves to get into things (like the dresser drawers), and when I tell him no and take him away, he screams and cries. So we have a lot of crying going on these days. It's frustrating. :(

But we've also had a lot of fun. The kids are getting to the point where they play together really well sometimes, and that is so nice. Yesterday in the car, Ruby told Reid a story. It was so cute. Reid finally slept better last night, and only woke up twice. I'm really hoping that keeps going!
 Andy worked from home on Friday part of the day, and then he went to the Bethany Starbucks. He old us they had a splash pad there and we joined him after nap. It was tons of fun! Ruby was soaked.
 On Saturday we went to the Washington County Fair. It was hot and fair-ish. You know, fun but not fun because it was so hot. But the kids had a good time.
We let Ruby pick three rides, and she wanted to go on the Teacups... (so not as good as Disneyland) 
...the car ride, with some friends she just met, and a train ride. She loved it.
 Trying to keep cool!
 We had some noodles and corn dogs for lunch.
 Riding the horseys. We also ran into a few different friends, which was fun.
 He was posing. Hilarious.
 On Sunday we headed to Washington Park for a picnic dinner. It was gorgeous out.
 I love this picture.
And I asked Ruby to snap this one of Andy and I. She's pretty good!! 
 We got Ruby some new paints at Target. They're a big hit.
 He's been wanting to play with Ruby's dress up clothes. He was just running around in the vest laughing.
And the tutu. 
 Ruby's pretty artwork. I did the smiley faces.
 We went to the Pullens' house for dinner on Wednesday. The cousins all loved playing together.
 They built a house and had fun playing in it.
 This girl is a drama queen. She didn't want to eat her dinner.
 Family walk! We found this cool cat tail.
She doesn't quite have the right idea, but it was cute. I think she looks like Lia in this picture. 
 Helping Mommy make granola, and organize the silverware. :)
They regularly climb up on the couch to read. I love it. Reid has been saying "baba" (bible).


  1. Aww, so sweet! I feel very far away! Precious kids!
    Love you!


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