Monday, August 31, 2015


We've had a lot of fun this week going out and about. I find that if I stay at home with the kids all day, they both get bored and the house ends up a disaster. So we try to get out of the house a lot. It's not easy, but it sure is fun!
Reid is at that stage where he just wants to climb on everything and do everything that Ruby gets to do... it's hard. Because when she sits at the table painting or something, he climbs on a chair and then climbs on the table, grabs the paint, etc. And when I take him down, he cries and cries. Poor little guy. It's hard to be the younger sibling.
Ruby has been having so much fun playing "school" lately. I have to take her to her bedroom and drop her off, and then I become the teacher. We do reading time, building time, recess, snack time... it's a lot of fun. I'm going to start a little bit of home preschool for her here in a week or two, and I think she will love that. Mostly just what we normally do plus some structure with learning letters, etc. She already knows most of the letters and numbers, but it will help to figure out what starts with what letter, what noises they make, and how to write them. I'm excited.
We also made Ruby a chore chart this week. She has three chores each day, and if she gets them all done, she gets a quarter. She has been doing really well at them!
My workout buddy. I love this guy. <3
She's pretty good at making her bed.
Ruby's chores and stickers.
She's been doing really well at puzzles too!
Reid's first time doing play dough. He loved it.
These guys love to play in the dirt!
We went to our friends' house on Friday night for dinner. Reid loved the sand box.
And Ruby loved the trampoline. Then Reid climbed up that ladder all by himself and got on it too. That kid is going to give me gray hair.
We all played hide and seek together. This is Ruby with Madeline.
Reid has been loving to eat out of a bowl with a spoon. So cute.
Bath time!
Snuggly Sunday morning.
Cereal Sunday. We've gotten eating cereal down to one day a week. :) Andy and Ruby love it so much that I don't think we could cut it out all together. At least not yet...
He loves riding on things! And he loves Alicia.
On Sunday evening we went to Lake Oswego to look at the Street of Dreams houses. Reid liked the bus ride. The houses were incredible! But at the same time, they were mostly pretty similar and lacked creativity I thought. But it was still fun to see them! They were all worth at least $1.75 million, up to $3.25 I think. Pretty crazy!!!
Ruby loved taking shower in each and every shower that we saw.
And another shower.
Some of the landscaping. They all had great outdoor areas!
More showering...
On Monday the kids and I went to the zoo for a little while. Reid liked the bear.
Ruby was happy she could use her zoo key (Daddy bought it for her last time he took them).
Ruby the eaglet.
In awe at the water and fish.
Riding the horsey.
My mini me!! I love this girl.
More digging...
They really love it. :)
On Tuesday the kids and I headed down to Stayton and Sublimity for hair cuts. Reid did really well!
Me and my handsome boy.
Ruby did really well too! She liked getting her hair washed this time. And she decided she wanted to keep it long and get it straightened.
So pretty!!! Her hair is getting long. It doesn't look like it usually because it's so curly.
I brought Reid's travel high chair so he could sit while I got my hair cut. I'm glad I did, I didn't want him walking down the stairs or wandering around.
Ruby colored while I had my hair cut. I love her little braid.
After that we headed to the Dessieux's house to play with a bunch of Ruby's friends! It was so nice to see everyone. The kids had a ton of fun, and I had a great time connecting with my friends too.
Most of the kids. They're quite a cute crew.
Sand box!! Apparently Reid kept knocking down the boys' tower. Oops.
Then on Wednesday we went to Omsi! Like I said, we tried to get out of the house every day. :) Ruby was collecting all of the rocks in the gift shop.
Help! A giant snake is eating my kids!!
They love the little tiny sink in the family bathrooms.
This time at Omsi the kids had so much fun! Previously I had to carry Reid around and follow Ruby, but now he can play what she's playing too, for the most part. It's great!!
They really love the sand area. So we did that first for a while.
Then we played with slime.
It was fun and gooey.
Then we headed to the water area.
Reid really liked the little fountains.
And of course they got all wet.
Ruby loves to help cook, and of course Reid tries to help too.
Ruby is very particular with how her milk and maple syrup go in her oatmeal.
"When you breathe in... up goes the castle. Breathe out... the castle goes down." We love that Sesame Street album.
And then on Thursday we went to the library to return our books and get some new ones. They have this fun mirror.
This is Ruby's poop train. Every time she poops in the potty, she gets a Hello Kitty on her train. When she gets to the caboose, we are going to buy her Zingo (a game that she loves). She pooped twice in the potty that day! But.... she hasn't done it since. We're still working on it. Hopefully it will get easier and easier.
I love how much he likes to snuggle post-nap.

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  1. What fun kids! I am getting very excited to come up and see all these new things for myself!! Love how they enjoy everyday things!! Love you!


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