Friday, August 21, 2015

Dress up

Reid had his 15 month appointment on Monday! He's 24 lbs 3 oz, and 32 inches tall. He's in about the 70th percentile for both weight and height currently. He's getting to be such a big boy! And he's healthy as a horse.
Both kids are loving dress up lately. Reid will come up to me with Ruby's tutu and say "Uh uh uh!" Until I put it on him. Then he walks around the house with it on for as long as I let him. Hah!
 Silly boy.
 We went to VBS at GSM with Patty and Katie's kids on Friday. The theme was Jonah, and the kids got to get dressed up for that too.
 Stickers on his head and all. He loved the balloons.
 This huge boat was nice for containing Reid for a little bit.
 Ruby's finger painting.
 And Reid's! They had fun with it.
 He liked the mask.
 We were the ocean and the fish in the Jonah story.
 Me and my cutie.
The family (plus a few extras).
 Dirt! Must dig. I think we have a mole in our back yard.
 He loves Alicia.
 Playing in the utensil drawer! So much fun.
 He helped me make enchiladas while Daddy and Ruby were out. Well, he mostly just ate the inside stuff.
 Ruby put these paints in perfect rainbow order completely on her own. Amazing!
 Reid at his Dr. appointment.
 Ruby loves building train tracks. And the kids both love making messes. :)
She wanted to help change Reid's diaper. 
 She didn't want to get dressed, she just wanted to wear my scarf.
 Milk... and the tutu.
 Beating the heat by playing in the water!
 And the mud.
 We made Ruby a chore chart. If she gets all three stickers each day, she gets a quarter.
 She was so excited about her first quarter!
 Doing some work on the couch.
 We went to the swim park on Wednesday. It's always so fun.
 Playing in the kid's pool!
 Aunt Becca brought some floaties. The kids loved them.
 Reid was shivering.
 He loves playing in the cupboards.
 Ruby also has a potty train. She gets a sticker every time she goes poopy in the potty. When she gets to the end she gets a prize!
 He wanted to wear Ruby's bathrobe too.
 Playing outside!
 This guy is getting so squirmy.
 We took Ruby out for ice cream because she went poopy in the potty three times. She still does not want to go in the potty most of the time, but we're working on it.
Like father like son. 
Ruby likes to make the front hose into a big circle and play house.

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