Saturday, August 15, 2015

Date night, kids camp and Reid turns 15 months!

We got to go to see Wilco on Saturday on a date, and it was lovely! And Ruby did kids camp at church all week. She loved it. It wasn't super convenient to trek over to the east side every day, but we did it and it was great. It was also the only VBS type thing that I could find for three year olds, which was great. Ruby picked up a cold this week from kids camp, and then she shared it with Reid. It doesn't seem to be too bad, but still not fun. :(
Reid has been talking so much! He constantly says, "Wassat?" (what's that) over and over until I tell him what something is, and then he tries to say it. It's the cutest thing. Like today he was very interested in my belt all day and would say "bep." He loves doggies, and every time he hears or sees one he says "goggie!" 
Ruby was not a fan of dinner. She reluctantly ate a bite or two of chicken. Sometimes she barely eats dinner, I think because I make a lot of different things and she doesn't really like to try new things. She does usually eat a lot for breakfast/lunch though. She'll learn.
My little helpers! They both love to sweep.
While we were eating dinner, he wanted to hold our hands and then bowed to pray. So cute.
She was pretending to be sick and he was her doctor.
We've been working out while the kids are still awake some days... You have to do what you have to do when he's fussy! Extra weights. 
We had some fun after her nap when Reid was still asleep.
Reid turned 15 months old on Saturday! He's such a big boy, and such a joy to our family.
Getting ready to head to church on Sunday.
We met Aunt Becca for donuts before church. Ruby got a Nutella mustache.
Date night! We had a blast.
Wilco was amazing. It was so nice to get out.
Kids camp! The theme was Creation. Ruby loved playing with the bugs. There were only Youth Medium shirts left, so hers was more like a dress. She gave up on it pretty quickly. The funniest part was that since we were going to church for kid's camp, Ruby insisted on wearing a dress three out of the four days that we went.
She made some new friends and had a good time. Apparently the guy who led the singing was called Mr. Marshmallow.
Ruby and I worked together on making Reid a birthday cake.
He loves toys!
Story time.
He was squatting down to read this newspaper. So cute.
He's a big fan of black beans. It took a while to scrub off his face.
Ruby's little star group at kid's camp.
Apparently I didn't check Ruby's pockets before I started the laundry. She likes rocks.
He kept trying on everybody's shoes... backwards.
Ruby and her friend Cora.
I love rocking my babies.
Watching Go Giants!
Ready to go to kid's camp on her last day (we had something else to do on Friday).
Ruby's group again. She had a ton of fun. And I had a great time just having Reid in the mornings. Andy took Ruby in Wednesday and Thursday, so we just stayed home and got stuff done.
I went to get Ruby on Thursday, and then we met Andy at his train car for lunch. The kids had fun in this spinny chair.
So tired... she wanted to cuddle with my arm and fell asleep.
My sweet sleeping babies.
They love each other a lot.

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