Saturday, September 12, 2015

Exercise and Injuries!

It's been a rough week. We've had all kinds of burns, scrapes, black eyes, etc. I think we're all tired or something.
Reid has started singing. He hums the first few notes of Lullaby, and it's adorable! And he's constantly kissing us and saying "I wah woo." (I love you). We all love him so much. He's had a bit of a cough too, and he has been getting really tired at 11 or 12 and screaming unless he can go to sleep. It hasn't been great. I wonder if he wants to go back to two naps or something... I might have to try an earlier nap for him tomorrow.
Ruby has been a really good helper lately. She loves taking her plate to the counter most of the time, and gets everyone's diaper and jammies out at nap and bed time. It's the cutest.
Getting psyched up for my workout!
Here's the first of my injuries. I burned my arm on a pan, and then got those two bug bites. Hahaha! And then a few days later I grated my thumb on the cheese grater. That one hurt!
Our car had to get the brakes inspected at Les Schwab, so the kids and I spent some quality time at Fred Meyer.
Ruby wanted to try on this skirt and did it all by herself. She's getting to be really independent. When she gets dressed at home, she likes to go into the bathroom "to make privacy."
Trying out the weights.
We got our bike and trailer all hooked up and took a few rides! The kids love it.
Ruby got a new dollie from the neighbors (we named her Josephina, and sometimes Mounty). Ruby likes having a baby to feed and put to bed (she also came with a pack n play).
Andy put our bed frame together! The kids had fun helping him and then playing on the bed.
Ruby's little black eye. She was laying down next to the dresser and I accidentally knocked a sippy cup off of it when I was reaching for a wipe. It hit her square in the eye bone. Ouch! And then two days later we took family pictures down in Salem... oh well. :)
Ruby was helping Aunt Courtney make whipped cream at their house, and then proceeded to drop the bowl, and half of it splattered all over the floor, the cabinets, and Uncle Tony. Oops! They thought it was pretty funny.
Checking out the huge dragon fly that was hanging out on our screen.
More time at Fred Meyer while our brakes actually got fixed! I discovered the baby toy aisle, and that kept them occupied for quite a while. And we all love the free popcorn from Les Schwab.
This guy turned 16 months old on Tuesday! What a big boy. He's so fun.
Sometimes they play really great together. And they like to hide behind the refrigerator.
Eating some lunch on his new plate and fork. He's getting really good at using utensils.
Sweet slumbering girl. I love her so much.
Teaching him how to color.
And then he got a little carried away!!! We were making Daddy a birthday card.

She's such a pretty girl.
They have been picking "blackberries" (leaves from a rhododendron) and washing them in the bucket.
"Reading" him a story.
We had a fun time at Magnolia Park on Friday. It's only about 10 minutes away, and is a great little park! We'll definitely be going back to that one.
Ruby had to go potty... :) I couldn't resist taking a photo.
She went down this huge, steep slide a few times!
He kept doing this and wanting kisses from me.
She made it half way across the little monkey bars! I was so proud.
Ruby drew this "crossing guard" in her play dough. She's getting to be a pretty good artist!
Andy got his drum set all set up in the garage, and he's loving it!
We got to play with this little guy William (and his mama Audrey) on Thursday. It's so nice to be making friends up here! And we have two other play dates and starting our moms group at church next week.
I have to sweep the floor so often!!! Life with a toddler.

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  1. I am SOOOO glad that you are staying home with your children. No amount of money would replace these special moments!! They are growing so fast in all ways. Can't wait to see all of you!! Love!!


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