Thursday, September 3, 2015

The dentist

I took the kids to the dentist today. Reid's first time. They both did great, and their teeth are very healthy with no cavities or any problems. :) I think it really helps that they don't drink juice or eat much sugar.

Reid has learned a bunch of animal noises, and it's so cute. He knows all of the animal noises in our book "Moo, Baa, La La La." Which is really impressive. I think we have another really smart kid on our hands. He always points out doggies and airplanes when we're out. And if he sees something he thinks is interesting he says, "Whoa." This morning was one of my best mommy moments ever with him. I was getting him dressed, and he turned around and kissed me (which is just leaning his head down and saying "mah" and then he said, "I waa woo." (I love you). It melted my heart!! It made getting up with him all night last night worth it. He caught a cold in the nursery and slept horribly. :(

Ruby has a crazy good memory. We have almost all of Psalm 23 memorized, and she said all but the last verse to Andy this morning with barely any prompting from me. She remembers things from like a year ago or more sometimes and talks about them. She's so fun. I love how she plays pretend all of the time, and sometimes she even talks in this funny semi-British accent.
 These guys are the best! They are best friends/worst enemies, but they really do love each other.
 Building time at "school."
 He's pretty good at helping me sweep! He loves it.
 Playing around with Lamby Pillow.
 Snack time!
 Ruby was so excited for the rain this week. She busted out all of her rain gear and walked around in it for a while.
 Art time with Daddy.
 And dolly time.
 We went for a nice walk in Fanno park the other night. It has a really long trail, so we got some exercise in. Then we found a play structure and played for a while.
 Four swings, just right for us.
 This poor cutie bit through his tongue on Sunday. You can see the teeth marks, and it was purple and swollen all the way to the end. He was pulling a chair out at the table and fell down and bit it hard. It was bleeding all over, he was crying... it wasn't pretty. It hurt him to nurse for a day or two after that. But it's much better now, just the teeth marks left. Poor guy.
 This verse. Right here.
 I love them. So much.
 Ruby has been really liking to type things at my desk. Today she spelled her name, it's so cute.
 Daddy's shirts are great for playing dress-up.
 Monday night we went to the Pullens' house for Grandpa's birthday. Reid loved raking the leaves.
 She loves twirling her spaghetti.
Andy started biking to work just for this month. It's about a 5 mile bike ride each way plus a ride on the max. He's doing great though! Unfortunately it takes him about an hour to do it. 
Ruby's Shakeology mustache.
 He loves the little ducky.
 Naked puzzle time! This guy loves it when his diaper is off.
 Yesterday we met Andy at Council Crest park for a picnic. It was a gorgeous view of the city.
 Reid liked the flower petals. And all of the doggies that were up there.
 Checking out the view.
 And they didn't get enough of outside, so we played in the back yard more when we got home. We like to enjoy this good weather before the rain comes consistently!
 She was cold this morning, so she wanted to snuggle up with our quilt.
 Ruby loved her sunglasses at the dentist. She did so well! She even got x-rays.
 And she took a little break to read a book.
 I didn't get any pictures of Reid at the dentist because I held him the whole time. He did really well, but apparently it tired him out. :) He needed a little 10 minute nap.
And we stopped by Omsi for a little bit since we were over there (Patty took Ruby to Sam's Attic to open it while I was in the dentist with Reid). And we got to say hi to Daddy too.

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  1. I love all the activities you are doing with the kids!! So fun. So glad you don't have to put them at a babysitter, you would miss all this fun! They are happy and so are you!


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