Sunday, September 20, 2015

Andy's birthday!!

I've got the rest of the photos from Andy's birthday celebration now. :) We had a fun time going out to dinner at the Montage and then we went to Fifty Licks for ice cream. We love having a lot of options for places to go to here!
Today I asked Reid if he wanted a hot dog for lunch. And then he said, "hot, hot, hot" and put his hands out like he does when things are hot, and then said, "woo woo, doggie!" It was hilarious! He is getting so funny, he keeps us laughing all of the time. He says so many words now, there's no way I could count. This morning he said, "book, bible, light" all in a row. He's going to be putting words together pretty soon, I think. It's still hard to keep him off of the table when Ruby's trying to do painting or crafts, or when I'm trying to do dinner. He wakes up in the middle of his afternoon naps at least once or twice usually, and I have to go rock him with his paci for a minute and then he'll go back to sleep. And if he's tired or I take something away that he wants, he will seriously scream for 15 minutes. That can be frustrating. But other than that, he's a very sweet boy and is happy.
Ruby is having the hardest time going poopy on the potty. She is great with peepee and rarely has any accidents at all, but she holds her poop in or waits until she has her nap time diaper on. :( We've tried everything we can think of, it's just going to take a lot more patience and her being willing to try.
Tony and Courtney got this sweet little puppy named Otis. Reid loved him!! Doggies are his favorite. They make a good pair. 
 Out for birthday dinner at the Montage.
 After Ruby was done with her dinner she tried to take her plate to the counter. Haha! We don't go out to eat much. :)
 They made us aluminum foil animals with our leftovers inside.
Andy got toasted milk ice cream. It was really good!
 Reid loved my chocolate ice cream!
He stuck this Cheerio on my eye.
 On Friday the kids and I went to the zoo for the morning. Ruby flipped all of these to show the numbers and then counted them.
The kids with the snoozing polar bear. 
 On the phone at the monkey exhibit.
 Climbing on the lion!
 On Saturday I took Ruby to the farmer's market to get some peaches. She loved it! We also got her a balloon animal. The guy asked what she wanted and gave her some options, and she chose a weasel. Haha!
These guys LOVE to play in the dirt. The only problem... we have a doug fir tree and it has a lot of sap that gets on their feet. Thank goodness for lemon essential oil which takes it right off. 
 Ruby spilled a snack, so she helped clean it up. She has been very helpful.
 Ruby drew this picture of Uncle Danny, her, and Aunt Becca.
Snuggling and playing guitar. 
 A HUGE avocado at Winco. Notice Reid's bruise on his cheek. He fell off of the back porch step and landed right on his face. :(
Andy's birthday desert a few days late. This grilled peach melba was delicious! 
 Snack time!
 Reading time.
 Being cute time after nap.
 Matching time!
 We went to the mall to get Andy's iPhone fixed on Wednesday, and the kids had fun driving the car.
I started going to Imago Moms group that meets every other Thursday. Ruby gets to be in the 3-5 age class, and she drew all of these people on the white board. She's getting pretty good!
My two little super heroes. They love to play tag all around the house!

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