Sunday, November 8, 2015

Halloween weekend

We had a fun week! Getting ready for Halloween, and then we went down to visit my family for the weekend. Andy had Friday off, so that was nice. 
Raids has been so funny lately. If I ask him a yes or no question, he says "okay." He's been talking so much! And he jumped this week, with both feet off the ground. I don't think Ruby could do that until she was about 2 at least. 
Ruby has doing really good with going poopy in the potty. Yay! And her sunday School teacher told me that she is a very mature 3-year-old who is helpful in her class. :)
 I helped out with childcare during my mom's group last week. It was so cute to watch them playing and interacting with the other little kids. But.... I think they both caught a little cold that day. These kids sure share germs a lot!
 Reid loved our pumpkin. But when we got home after our weekend trip, it was completely collapsed and moldy. So gross!
 He does really well at eating with a spoon. And both kids like eating our leftover purees from when Reid was little.
 She finished her potty train and got her game Zingo! She loves it, and we're so proud of her.
 Road trip to Grenada!
 We stopped and ate our packed lunch at Burger King because it was raining. We had fun with all of the crowns.
 We stopped at Dan and Cindy's for a while. Reid liked this house in the back yard.
 Ruby had fun showing Zingo to her cousins.
 We went to the new In N Out for dinner! Couldn't resist. :)
 The boy cousins. :)
 Reid loves their animals!
 And they both love the trampoline!
 Riding the horsey.
 We took a walk to my old elementary school.
 Our sweet girl and a beautiful view.
Halloween costumes! The cutest kitty and monkey. 
Our family. 
 Me and my mounty sister.
We did a little trick-or-treating around Grenada with all of the kids. Little Ruby was so cute. At the first house I explained what happens, and she was so excited. Then when she got her first candy, she just stood there. I told her there were more houses to go to and ask for candy, and she said, "Really!!??" It was so funny.
 Cutie pie. He had fun at Light Night.
 Ruby loved all of the games. Afterward she was giving away pieces of her candy to everyone. And then we let her keep a few pieces and gave the rest away.
 Our gorgeous drive home! Oregon has been absolutely beautiful this fall. I've really been loving all of the gorgeous colors.
And a rainbow too! 
 Ruby was having a hard day on our way to Winco and wanted a rag to cry on. All we had was a kleenex, so that worked. Then in Winco one of the workers noticed she was having a hard time and he gave her a banana. That helped a lot. Poor girl, I think she was pretty tired from our trip, and a little sick too.
 She has been cutting out paper bags for her "costume."
 This is how Ruby does dot-to-dot. She hits all of the numbers, but definitely not in straight lines. Hah!
 The love seeing all of the Christmas decorations at Costco.
 And playing with these giant stuffed animals.
 Ruby got herself in her play sink and then was stuck and couldn't get out. I had to pull her pretty hard to get her out. :(
And then of course Reid saw that and did the same thing. At least it was easier to get him out!
 She likes to make a "cozy spot" to read books and play. 
The kids helped me do a lot of cleaning on Wednesday! We scrubbed the bath tub, dusted, vacuumed, swept, picked up toys... they were a big help. 
 Pretending that she was camping.
 We painted star fish on each others' cheeks.
 They love feeling the warm air come out.
 Post-nap snuggles. This is pretty much every day, I love it.
 Ruby took some photos. This is why I get holes in the knees of all of my jeans, I'm on the floor a lot.
Ruby's selfie!

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  1. OHH, I could hardly stand it that Ruby got stuck in the play kitchen!! Glad you got her out!! Thanks so much for coming down, loved every minute. Love you!


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