Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Reid turns 18 months!

Sorry I'm so late in getting up this blog post!! We've been busy doing fun things. :) So here's our pictures from the week.
 We made a Thanksgiving tree!
Every night at dinner we write what we're thankful for on a leaf, and then we tape them back on the bottom like they fell down.
 I made these babies for Rubout of play dough, and she had so much fun with them! Well, it started out as Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus, but then she wanted a lot of babies.
She made them each a heart. 
And then I made two tiny ones and they all were looking at them. She's so funny! 
The kids and I went down to Uncle Paul and Aunt Paula's house on Saturday for Sam's birthday party. Ruby and Amelia loved the kittens.
 Fun birthday gifts!
 He loved playing with the cars.
 Ruby and Jack had so much fun playing together. Their personalities are a lot alike! They did this fun puzzle.
 Daddy/daughter nap time!
 We had a Candyland game night.
 Reid loves running around with his shark towel on his head. And here he is with our squirrel friend again.
 Our big boy turned 18 months this week!! He's so fun.
 We did a little 1 1/2 birthday with candles and a little dessert.
 He loved it!
 We had one nice-ish day, so we played outside for a while!
 Me and my sweet boy.
 Ruby put chairs around in a circle and told me we needed to have a meeting. It was about weights and toys. Haha.
 She took Josefina and her binoculars to the post office.
 He loves sticks! He says "tick."
 Girly time.
 And potty time! Reid doesn't really go on the potty much yet, but he likes to sit on it!
 She loves to play with her horses. They do a lot of parades and go to school.
 Fun color time!! He gets so excited to "cah-co."

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