Sunday, November 29, 2015


We had a fun week. It was pretty busy, and we bought a car! We got a Honda Pilot, and we love it. I think it will last us a really long time. The kids really like it too. We also had a really good Thanksgiving. It was neat to write down things that we were thankful for all month. We had our Thanksgiving tree, and every day we wrote on a new leaf what we are thankful for. I also wrote down what I'm thankful to Andy for about him, and gave it to him on Thanksgiving. It's so important to focus our hearts on gratitude and being thankful to God for everything instead of focusing on ourselves and what we want.
I think Reid is finally starting to get his second set of molars. He has been chewing on his finger in the back, so we'll see. He has been waking up two to three times a night still, which is not great. But we're all surviving. I'm trying to start night weaning him so he sleeps longer. We really don't like to have our kids cry it out, especially when he shares a room with Ruby. That would just keep them both up. So gentle weaning is the way we're doing it. He has been sleeping all the way through his nap most days now. He used to (and still does sometimes) wake up in the middle of his nap and need to be rocked back to sleep. It's so sweet to rock him though, he's such a snuggly little guy. And he loves cuddling when he wakes up, not like Ruby when she was little (or now). She wakes up ready to go.
 Reid watched me water the plants, and then got the pitcher and tried to fill it with water to do it too. He loves to copy everything we do!
 Doing his work in the laundry basket.
 Daddy made the kids a castle out of this thing from our steam mop box.
 Our new car! It's a 2004 Honda Pilot with only 80,000 miles on it. It's in great condition! The color is Sage Brush Pearl (a dark green/blue), and it has grey leather and heated seats. So nice. :)
 Ruby was taking our picture and wanted us to make a silly face. And then she kept saying it wasn't silly enough. Haha!
 Our cutie boy!
 They like to build this cozy spot. It's so nice when they play well together.
 She was driving us to San Francisco to watch Go Giants.
 It's so nice when they play (or read) together nicely. It doesn't usually last too long though. I think after this photo Ruby stole Reid's book and he put up a big fuss. But it was a precious moment.
 Making some soup.
 We met our friends at the zoo on Wednesday. It was cold!! Ruby put her zoo key down on a rock, and then forgot to pick it back up. We didn't realize we were missing it until the polar bears. Then we went back and it wasn't there. So we went to the lost and found, and they didn't have her zoo key, but they had a bunch of other ones and gave us one with the elephant on it that they don't make any more! Ruby was pretty excited about that.
 Bundled boy. He got tired of the stroller after a while. But he does pretty good in it.
 She found this cute little kids door in the gift shop and played with it for a long time!
 Our friends gave us a new Giants shirt!
 Ruby and Quinn at the zoo.
 We made a fire in our fireplace and had a lovely evening. Reid was amazed at the fire and kept saying "fifow." 
 They put on their tutus and stood over the vent. Haha!
 I love my boy.
 I didn't take many pictures on Thanksgiving. We had dinner at Tony and Courtney's house with Andy's family. Patty is in Uganda so she wasn't there, but everyone else was. Ruby and I made this turkey for the kids to play pin the feather on the turkey. It was a big hit. And the food was pretty good too! I made food all morning, pumpkin pie, pecan tart, apple pie, cranberry sauce, and two-potato gratin. It was all delicious!
My two favorite kids when we got home on Thanksgiving. They are so special to us.

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