Sunday, February 7, 2016

Still sick...

The kids were super sick for a while. I'm pretty sure they had RSV again, they had the same symptoms as the two previous times. Reid had a fever for 4 days, and Ruby had one for two days. They both had a pretty bad cough and tons of snot. :( We were stuck at home for such a long time without being able to go anywhere, for fear of spreading this or them getting something else on top of it like last year. I'm so glad they're feeling better now.
Poor sick little guy. Even with a fever though, he still liked playing and ate okay. Ruby usually doesn't like to eat much when she has a fever. 
 These two sweeties.
 I put masks on them when we went to the doctor for Ruby's 4-year checkup. They both didn't really like wearing the masks. 
She was 40.35 inches tall and 39 pounds. What a big girl she is now! 
Reid had fun reading while Ruby was getting examined. 
 Hearing test. She thought it was fun. And she read the letter chart for her eye exam, not the shape one! She's getting SO good at recognizing letters and numbers.
 She loves dot-to-dot, coloring, drawing, writing, and painting.
 So cute in her new bathrobe.
 They dressed up as Anna and Elsa from Frozen.
 She has been wearing her dress and singing "Let it Go" all around the house.
 A bath with their fun new bath toys! They love them.
 This dog Wrinkles was mine as a little girl. Apparently her leg broke, and I taped it up with kleenex and masking tape... 20+ years ago! Haha. Ruby and I decided that it was healed now, so we took the bandage off. Ruby likes Wrinkles a lot, her head is a puppet, and she's pretty cute.
 True toddler!
 Having a fun Saturday morning play time with Daddy.
 Doing Preschool with Daddy.
 Sharing our shake. We had our own straws so we wouldn't share germs. :)
 I love reading to my babies.
 He was SO proud of his Lego creations. He kept making things and bringing them to me saying "Wook! Wook!" He loves getting affirmation.
 Success with drawing shapes!
 She sure loves doing her preschool.
 If Reid is back in the bedroom and it's quiet, I can almost always bet that he is sitting in the rocker looking at his bible.
 On Wednesday the kids and I headed down to Stayton to get our hair cut. While I was getting mine done, the lady who does nails there offered to paint Ruby's nails. She was so excited.
 Getting her hair done.
 Sweet little Reid. He got scared by the hair vacuum and I had to hold him for a while. But he did great getting his hair cut.
 She has such a gorgeous head of hair!
 He was making me hold him like this. So funny.
 And he LOVES giving kisses! Which I love, of course.
 He sticks his feet up on the table while we're eating. And he likest o stick his fork or spoon between his toes. Haha!
 The kids really like Mickey Mouse pancakes. Sometimes Ruby asks for Minnie ones, but I don't know how to do the bow. So today Ruby said, "Mom, can you make a Minnie Mouse pancake but she's sleeping, so she doesn't have her bow in?" Clever girl.
A little comparison of the kids at the same age. They look more alike than I thought!


  1. They sure are cute. So glad they are feeling better!!! I'm glad Ruby likes preschool. She is already a good student. And that Reid is getting creative!! Tell him he did a nice job on his Lego creations! Love you all.

  2. I remember Wrinkles! I love the one of Ruby in her bathrobe and of Reid with the fork between his toes.


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