Saturday, February 27, 2016

I love these kids.

These two have my heart. <3 I am so blessed to be their mommy and to get to take care of them every day. Even though some days might be tough and they're definitely not perfect kids, they are mine. 
Reid loves singing lately. His favorite songs are, "Hey, hey, how do you do?" and "Do, re, mi." Ruby has been a really great helper. She helped with a lot of cleaning today without a fuss at all!
 They love to play together, or sometimes they just like playing with the same toy. :)
Reading together. And Ruby loves the Moby wrap that I made (with my mom's help!).
 She loves to vacuum!
 He always wants to try everything that Ruby does!
 Ruby cut out this car and drew all of us in it. She's so creative.
 We got to watch this little Peanut again. She's so sweet.
 They love playing with Daddy.
 We're ready for Giants baseball season!
 And for spring! I got these buckets from the dollar tree for a little gardening. I'm afraid that the birds might have eaten my lettuce seeds though. We'll see.
 Reid loves playing with water. And he always makes a huge mess. :)
 I opened this drawer to grab something, and noticed that Reid had stashed a partially eaten apple in it. Haha!
 She loves taking selfies.
 Trying on Daddy's shoes.
 She was working on this "computer", and even plugged it into my binder.
 These sillies just started licking the door.
 Doing a workout on the bed. Haha!
 We went to the zoo on Tuesday morning, which was a lot of fun. We wanted to see the bears, but they were cutting down a tree in the bear habitat. That was fun to watch it come down!
 Ruby really just wanted to go play on this thing. Forget the animals. Haha.
 We did get to see the sea otter being fed fish and shrimp, which was fun.
 Reid was fascinated.
 Reading before nap time.
 Ruby went to sleep like this. She's so silly.
 Cooking together.
 Ruby has had trouble wetting her undies lately, and we're not sure why. So I made this little chart where every time she goes potty with dry undies, she gets to put a head on a person. :) Hopefully we'll figure it out soon, if not, we'll head to the doctor.
 I traded a little childcare with my friend Audrey. I went grocery shopping while she watched my kids, and then she had an appointment so I watched William. It worked out well!
 We all wrote a nice note to Andy. Reid really likes drawing.
 Ruby drew this picture of Andy. Those things on his cheeks are apparently where I kissed him. Haha!
 We went to story time at the library.
 This mirror is so fun!
 They wanted to lay out in the sun in the back yard, so this is where Ruby put the blanket!!
Man, these guys crack me up. :)


  1. Love all the fun things they do!!! Ruby's drawing skills are really progressing! Can't wait to hear Reid sing! Love you!


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