Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ruby's 4th Birthday!! And sick kids.

I can't believe our little Ruby is 4 already! She is such a treasure. We really love being her parents and having her in our family. She is so vibrant, full of life, creative, smart, clever, funny, sassy, and so much more. Life with her is such a joy, and we're so thankful for her.
At her doctor's appointment she was 39 pounds and 41 3/4 inches. She's healthy and doing great! She's in about the 65th percentile for height and 78th for weight, which is just about right on track with where she's been. She did have to get a couple of shots, which wasn't super fun, but she did really well.
This next year Ruby is looking forward to starting preschool, and is so excited about it! We play preschool a lot, and she talks about it a lot. She's going to do really well. She knows almost all of the letters and does know all of the numbers. She's learning to write them also.
Reid is so funny. We will do something he thinks is funny and then laughs and laughs, and says "geh" (again). He is so curious about everything, and is so much more physical than Ruby. He loves to snuggle too, which we love.
 We've been listening to Love and Logic Magic for little kids, and there are some great tips in there. We've been having trouble with Ruby being so independent and wanting control. We are so grateful for this book! I made a little chart with what Ruby needs to do to get out the door. And the first day we tried it, it worked great! She did it all by 9:00. Way less of a struggle for me, and definitely something to continue.
 We went to OMSI on Friday. The kids loved this huge worm in the parking lot.
 And they love playing with these rocks in the gift shop.
Sand time! 
They both had sand in their hair, clothes, and even in Reid's diaper. 
Playing chipmunks. 
 They love the water area too!
 So fun.
 On Saturday morning we headed to this fun antique/decor store. Ruby loved lounging on this blue velvet couch.
 Friday night I took her out on a little cheap birthday date. We had some Froyo....
 ...jumped in puddles...
 ...took selfies...
 ...and went to the Dollar Tree. I said she could pick out two things, and she got a balloon and a bow/arrow set.
 On Sunday morning I said the kids could play with bubbles outside for a little bit. In their Sunday clothes... big mistake. They were both wet/muddy and had to be changed. Oops!
 Sunday afternoon nap. I sang them both to sleep. <3
 I finally finished Ruby's stocking! It's all ready for next Christmas.
 Me and my squishy guy.
 The kids made this dancing area. And then we danced around a lot.
 My birthday girl!
 Ruby made this girl out of her sandwich crust and grapes. Then she kept eating the hair. Haha!
 Helping frost her cake! She takes after me, liking making her own birthday desserts. She picked out this cake a while ago.
 Snuggling with Grandma. He started coughing on Sunday afternoon and got a fever starting on Monday morning. Poor guy. We think he has RSV again, but thankfully he's recovering okay.
 Superhero birthday party! These guys love capes. We did her party on Monday night when all of the grandparents could be there. Unfortunately Katie's kids were sick so they couldn't come, and with Reid's fever we didn't want baby Penelope to come. So it was a small party, but lots of fun.
 Super Ruby!
 And little Super Reid too.
 We did a paper airplane contest with all of the superheroes.
 Cake time! She was so excited about her four candles.
 Birthday girl!
 Yum. She didn't finish that whole big piece.
 Reid loved his cake and ice cream.
We had Ruby sit on the ottoman while we all went around and said a word that describes Ruby. It was really special. Some of them were: caring (Daddy), generous (Mommy), spunky (Grandpa Del), a leader (Grandma Patty), joy (Aunt Becca), adventuresome (Grandma Debbie) and inquisitive (Grandpa John).
 Her new bathrobe that Grandma Debbie made. She loves it.
 Some pretty jewelry from Aunt Becca.
 He loves Ruby's new Frozen microphone. They play with it a lot.
 Queen Elsa.
 Trying on Grandma's glasses. It was hilarious.
 Ruby's actually birthday morning! She wanted German pancakes.
 We got her this pretty Frozen dress that she loves. She wears it and sings pretty much the whole Let It Go song while she wanders around the house.
 We took her to Nordstrom to get some birthday makeup done.
 She loved it!
 Sparkles on her eyes.
 Such a beauty!
 Walking down to the donut shop with Grandma and Grandpa in downtown Portland.
 Yum... chocolate ganache.
 Ruby wanted shrimp for her birthday dinner!
 Official birthday photo. This girl cracks us up!
 And one with Mommy.
 Reid gave her some sweet birthday kisses. He loves to kiss us all!
 Preschool!! We got her this and do a little bit most days.
Drawing "A." 
 This poor sick little guy. His fever lasted about four days and got up to 100.9. Not too bad, but it wasn't fun.
 Watching a little show.
 They made lava while I was trying to do my workout.

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  1. It was fun to be in your lives this past week!!! Glad Ruby had a Happy Birthday!! Did you sing Andy to sleep too? Glad the kids are better. Love you!


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