Saturday, February 13, 2016

Reid turns 21 months!

Reid is such a big boy! I can't believe it's only three months until he turns two. He loves giving kisses, cuddling, running "fast" (while he circles around the living room), and talking a ton, but not really putting sentences together yet. He's still working on getting his first back molar, but I think it will be through soon. Only three to go after that. :( His come through SOOO slowly, I can't wait until he's done.
Both kids are feeling so much better. Ruby has been not napping quite as much. I was singing her to sleep every day, but since she's 4 now, this week I started just reading books and then letting her have rest time in our room if she wasn't sleepy. She has put herself to sleep a few times, and just rested others. I let her get up "when the clock says 2-0-0." She's always excited about seeing it change. :) We also finally stopped putting a diaper on her for naps, and she has done great. I probably could have done it a long time ago, I don't know why I didn't! There are so many things you just learn as you go with the first kid. Poor thing.
We went to meet Andy for dinner after work on Thursday last week to go to the Portland Winter Light Festival. We ate our sack dinner at OMSI, and then walked around outside to see the light sculptures and things.
The kids liked the lights on the boat.
Then, after we got home, I went with my friend Audrey and some of her friends out line dancing! It was lots of fun. Nice to get out.
He's really good with his fork and spoon, and he loves eggs.
He also loves to play with the sink. He's pretty good at climbing up on the toilet to reach.
My little helper.
The kids and I went to the zoo on Friday. Ruby has such long arms!
Watching the Harbor Seals swim by.
Elephant Lands! We got to watch an elephant wash himself with his trunk. That was pretty fun.
Riding on a baby lion.
The chameleon was so cool. I want one as a pet. I got these coats for the kids for next year, but they have come in handy this year already! Even though they're a little big.
Friday night we booked it back to the light festival to ride on the Portland Spirit boat. It was pretty fun, the kids loved it. The Portland Opera was there singing a few songs, and our kids were right up front, dancing.
Our gorgeous little girl at the light festival.
Reid being so silly.
Saturday morning Ruby and I went down to a tea and fashion show in Lake Oswego for Patty's thrift store. It was fun.
Ruby took this picture of us on Sunday on our way to church.
While we were driving we had to stop for a train, which was super long and going really slow. And then when that one was almost past, another one came the opposite direction also really long and slow! We were stopped for about 20 minutes, and needless to say, we were late to church. Hahah!
Ruby got to go to her first time in the 4's class. She did great!
It has been a little nicer outside, so the kids have gone out to play! Del and Patty came over to watch the Super Bowl with us, which was fun.
They love coloring, and even color nicely together sometimes. 
She's such a good helper. She loves picking things out at the grocery store.
Big boy!!! His official 21 month photo.
This dump truck has been getting a lot of use.
Enjoying a rare sunny day in February.
Andy took the kids out on a night time walk. They loved using their flashlights.
He's pretty good about helping pick up spills... he's also really good about spilling things.
I accidentally had all three of us match in hoodies and black rain boots.
We went to the park to enjoy the last sunny day before the rain came back! They were both a little nervous about the swings at first, since it's been such a long time. But then they loved them, especially under dogs.
He ended up with wood chips in his diaper, but we all had fun.
The park tired him out!
On Wednesday we went down to Patty's house to play for a bit. I let Ruby wear her princess dress.
Cora was there too. These kids love their cousins! And they also love grilled cheese and tomato soup!
On Thursday we went to "Fun for One's" at the library. Ruby put on her makeup to go. :) 
Reid was  a little nervous at first, but then he loved it!
Aaaaannnnddd.... we finished our P90X3 program! It turned into a little more than 90 days, but we did it!

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  1. Such fun pictures. Glad you live where you can do such a variety of things!! The kids are learning so much!!!


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