Sunday, March 20, 2016

Busy kids

The kids have been busy as usual. We try to do lots of fun things together. I know they are only little for a while, so I am trying to enjoy these days I have with them before school, sports, activities, etc.
Reid has been consistently climbing out of his crib... so I'm not sure what we're going to do. I have to get him mostly to sleep or else he will get very excited and just get up when I lay him down. Especially at nap time. Actually on Thursday he didn't nap at all, which was so frustrating! He also has a cold, and the first night of that he woke up every single hour during the night. Rough!
I took Ruby to the doctor because she has been wetting her pants a lot. Everything looked fine, so we are just working on going potty a lot more often. Today she did great! I think it's just a control issue with her, and we need to have more incentive for her to go on her own.
 Dana came over to play on Friday. :) It's so nice to have them close by!
 Playing with flash lights in a box. So much fun.
 Tooth picks everywhere...
 Even in his boot!
 Father and son. <3
 Cute snuggling kids.
 On Sunday it was pouring all morning! This is us on our way home from church.
 Reid loves baby Bob. Ruby does too.
 They do love each other!! It's so sweet when they hug and kiss. Reid loves kissing all of us.
 Our toilet paper roll often looks like this. Life with a toddler.
 On Monday we went to this fun Munchkin Playland with our friends Cheryl and Nora. The kids had a blast!
 Getting outside, even in the not so great weather. We love our rain boots.
 So good at her preschool books! It takes a lot of concentration.
 He has been loving to lay down with a blanket on. 
 Little musical guy.
 After-nap hair!
 Dairy Queen was giving out free ice cream cones on Tuesday, so we had a family outing after dinner.
 Ruby got a chocolate dipped one and loved it.
 Matching jammies! These guys crack us up.
I found this in our fridge... 
We went to Omsi on Wednesday and had lots of fun. 
 Reid makes a cute astronaut.
 Sand time!
 He loves the water.
 She loves playing chipmunks, and met a friend named Tuesday.
 He loves airplanes!
 She got 10 cheerios for dessert as a reward (Daddy's idea). Hahaha.
 My little reader.
 While I was getting Reid down for his nap, Ruby got the bed set up for workouts with weight sets, and the pillows were the mats for people. She's so silly!
 We have had some really nice days, so we have been out enjoying them!
 This guy was getting sick and slept horribly on Wednesday night. I literally saw every hour on the clock all night... and then he refused to nap on Thursday. Rough days for mama!
 We found a worm! Reid loved it, and Ruby barely wanted to touch it. He did accidentally break it in half though...
 Reading time outside.
He's so strong! :)

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  1. So glad you can positively enjoy your kids even when they don't sleep and potty in the wrong places!! Some day you will cherish these special moments and wonder where they went. That's what I do. Love you!!


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