Sunday, March 6, 2016

Lots of play

These guys love to play, and I love to play with them. They definitely keep me busy though, lots of cleaning and putting things away. Ruby has gotten so good at helping clean up, she especially loves when we race to see who can finish a chore the fastest.
I have been working at weaning Reid this week, and that has been going really well. I've been cutting out a feeding every few days, and he's been doing great with it. He still asks, but when I say no, he's okay with it. Andy and I are going on a little getaway on Monday, and we are so excited about it. My parents are coming up to watch the kids, and they're excited about it too! :)
 They love to play in the laundry baskets.
 I made a chocolate babka and we headed down to the Pullen's for dinner. Uncle Jim and Aunt Kathy were up for a visit, and it was our last time having dinner at Del and Patty's house before they moved.
 Reid loves playing with Uncle Danny and Aunt Becca.
 Ruby put Lupe to bed and was reading her stories. So sweet!
 My big helper cleaning the window.
 Trying on Mommy's boots.
 He wanted to wear the "Let it go" dress. Haha!
 The kids love to ride the shuttle bus on the way to and from church. And they always have fruit snacks for them too.
 Reid loves to cook! He was cooking his necklace, dumping it back and forth between the two bowls.
Ruby carried her purse with plastic food in it all the way through Winco. Haha.
And then the kids were having a banana phone conversation in the parking lot!
 Reid was napping, so Ruby had fun "cooking."
 Having fun in Target, trying out the chairs.
 Yoga night! These guys are getting pretty good!
 On Wednesday morning we had some fun at home. I made cloud dough for the kids, which was fun...
 But it made a huge mess!!
 Flour all over the place. :)
 Reid helped clean up.
 And then they had a nice, long bath.
 Ruby had some beautiful curls when her hair dried!
 On Thursday we got to watch Penelope all day as a test run. I took all three of them to Imago Moms with me, which went really well!
 She's such a sweetie.
 We have had a few nicer days, so we have headed outside!
 My little beauty.
We had a little picnic snack outside. They love it.

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  1. Fun pictures as always!! Reid went to bed really well tonight. They sure are a lot of fun!!


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