Saturday, March 12, 2016

Mommy-Daddy getaway! And Reid turns 22 months

Andy and I were able to get away for a little vacation this week. It was lovely and so needed! My parents came up to watch the kids (thanks Mom and Dad!!!) so we all had fun. So in order to get away I had to wean Reid. It went really well, and he did great. First I cut out his nap time nursing, then night time for two nights before the trip. That went way better than I though it would. Then we cut out night and morning when we left. It has taken a while to get my milk supply to go down, but hopefully that will dry up soon. He is doing so good with it though, and has only asked to nurse once or twice since we've been back. Such a big boy! He has still been waking up at night though. I need to help him figure out how to get back to sleep on his own now. He's great at the bed time or nap time, but when he wakes at night, it's not so good.
Ruby has been such a good helper lately. She loves helping mommy clean, which is great. :) She has still been having accidents with going potty sometimes, so I might take her to the doctor and make sure everything is okay. We need to work on night time potty training next.
 Cutie pie boy. He got these Star Wars shoes from Aunty Kathy, and he loves them. They light up. And he loves his apple chips and veggie sticks too!
 We went around to farm stores to try to find baby chicks last Friday. We only found 4 at one little store in Aloha, but they also had the cutest baby bunnies! The kids (and I!) loved them.
 Teaching Ruby how to cross her eyes. Hahaha!
 She loves to do Yoga!
 They had fun with the birdseed.
 On Saturday we headed down to Stayton for a King Center benefit dinner (a new center they're working on building in Haiti). It was so fun to see some of our friends down there! They had a nursery for the kids, and Ruby loved seeing her friends.
 Silly kids eating under the table.
 On Sundays Becca usually goes and gets Reid out of the nursery at the end of church. He loves the singing!
 When I went to get Ruby out of her 4's and 5's class, she was playing house with some friends. She has adjusted to her new class really well!
 She's getting so good at writing her name! She also loves figuring out what words start with what letters. For example, she'll say, "Dog.... d, d, d, starts with D!"
My parents came late on Sunday night, and the kids were so excited to see them on Monday morning! My mom brought some fun Bible story things for them to do together. 
 Ready to eat! He sat at Grandma's place before breakfast. :)
 We have really needed a break. Things have been crazy, and it was soooooooo nice to get away!
 We started with lunch at Grassa downtown, and it was delicious! Then we headed to our hotel at the McMenamins Grand Lodge in Forest Grove. They had a lovely soaking pool which was so nice and warm.
 We ate breakfast at Broder Soder on Tuesday, and it was so good. Then we had a nice, relaxing time around Portland, went to a movie, played board games, and relaxed.
 Meanwhile... Reid turned 22 months! My mom snapped his monthly photo for me so I wouldn't miss it.
And Ruby learned how to play Slap Jack with Grandpa.
 Coffee and my favorite magazine with my favorite guy at the Albina Press.
 Morning time after a good night's rest! I've been getting up with Reid every night for almost 2 years, so it was so nice to get some rest!!
 And then we missed our kids so much, it was so nice to come home to them. Reid wouldn't stop kissing me when we got home. <3
 Back to regular life! He colored all over himself with a dry erase pen. Haha!
 A snack and a book. His favorite things.
 We planted some spinach on Thursday. My little helpers were good at watering it.
 Ruby took this cute photo of Reid!

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  1. Thanks for letting us take care of the kids, we had such a good time!! So glad you could get away!!! Sweet pictures! Love you all!


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