Monday, March 28, 2016

Matching jammies

I'm getting later and later at posting my blog posts. Haha... I'm tired. :) I used to post on Thursdays, but today is Monday. Oh well, such is the life of a work at home mom with little ones.
Reid has been so funny. Last night Andy and I were talking about how much we like him. He was counting for me the other day and said, "one, two, three, sic, eight, nine, ten, yellow, blue, green, red, apple." I laughed so hard. Some of the other funny words he says are "chocwat (his favorite), yup, nope,  Eebee (Ruby), cakow (color)."
Ruby has gotten so much better at going potty and not having accidents. We think it was just a mental thing. She is getting so good at coloring, and loves to do it all the time. She has also been sounding out letters and figuring them out! It's so fun to see her learn. In Ruby's prayers at meals and night lately she has been saying, "Thank you for our whole family. Thanks for the four of us. Thanks for Mommy, Daddy, me and Reid." It's so cute.
When Ruby catches something that is falling, or if we do, she says, "Mom, I just did magic!" So lately Reid has been dropping stuff and saying, "Macig!"
 I took Ruby to the doctor on Friday to make sure she doesn't have a medical issue for having so many accidents. It was really funny trying to catch her pee in a cup... but she checked out just fine.
 We made some Vanilla Shakeology no bake cookies. They were yummy, and Ruby really wanted to be touching the plate in the picture. Haha!
 Daddy started working on how to tie shoes with Ruby.
 On Saturday we went to Ikea to check out the bunk beds for the kids. The elevator was so big, Andy and Reid had fun marching around in circles. Ruby had fun playing in the kids place for an hour.
 Andy went down to Stayton on Saturday afternoon/evening/night to play Axis and Allies with his buddies. So the kids and I ate grilled cheese and tomato soup (their favorite!), and went on a lovely walk. It was so warm out!
 Our little beauty! I can't believe how gorgeous she is. <3
 They are building a HUGE house down the street, so we checked it out. It's insane.
The kids love the park! Reid likes to spin this and see the different colors. I love that they are both big enough that I don't have to follow the little one around like a hawk, I can play with both of them now.
And our walk back. My allergies were going crazy!
Reading together, in their matching jammies.
 They played beans again and had so much fun.
 Andy has been putting Reid to bed sometimes lately since he is weaned now. It's nice to be able to share that!
 Taking my order. She says, "Mom, what would you like?" And I say something like, "How about a salad?" and then she always says, "We don't have that..." or "We're all out of that..." to pretty much everything I order.
 More matching jammies! They love it, and so do I. :)
 Spring is here!!! In honor of the first day of spring, we made some flowers for the front window.
I got this tote of Ruby's old clothes out to loan to a friend, and Reid decided to use it to climb up to the counter. Clever little guy. (Ignore the dirty dishes)
 Spring outfit time! She picked these out herself. We pulled out some larger clothes for both kids. I can't believe how big they are already! Ruby's in 4T or 5T, and Reid is getting into 2T. So crazy.
He was trying to ride on her back, but never got quite all the way on.
 They love running through these bike racks at the library. We tried going for Fun for One's, but we forgot that it was Spring Break and they didn't have it. So we just got new books and played for a while.
 Aunt Cindy sent us these pretty tattoos!! We love them.
 Sweet sleeping girl. Yes, she did put on some eye liner that day. :)


  1. Such fun kids. I miss them!! Glad you can be home with them to catch all their fun moments. I love how they play simple things. Glad you have a park to walk to. Love you!!!


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