Friday, May 13, 2016

Reid turns 2!!!

Our very sweet boy Reid turned two this week! I can't believe how fast time has flown. He is such a fun little guy with the best sense of humor. He says everything now, which is so fun. Here are some of his common phrases (with translation):
"Is it? Wooby." (Where is Ruby?)
"I do it!"
"Hi Peanut girl." (Penelope)
"Watch. Watch. Watching!" (When he wants us to watch him do something)
"Mama dance wif you." (When he wants me to dance, whenever any music is on)
And he even counted most of the numbers to 20! I had to help him with a few around 13, 14, 15... but he did great. He loves to sing, color, play with airplanes, helicopters, trucks, trains, rake the dirt outside, get good and dirty, read books, and do all of the other toddler activities you can imagine. :)
Ruby caught a cold and has been miserable, which kind of makes us all miserable... but that's okay. She has been loving to be outside in the nice weather and plays with the neighbor girl Lupita over the fence a lot. She's getting better at her balance bike too, and loves doing workouts with us.
 They love each other and miss each other when they are apart.
 Ruby's hair is getting so long and thick! It's so fun to do pretty things in it.
 Listening to stories at our last Imago Moms group for the year.
 We went out for crepes, and we were trying to keep the kids occupied while we waited. This is Reid attempting to play "Heads up 7-up).
 She likes to get in the stroller while I put groceries in the car.
 We've been having fun with bubbles!
 Helping clean the house before his birthday party.
 The cousins are here! Ruby just loves Lia.
 Our kids loved having Quin and Lia here for a night. They slept in the kids room with Ruby, and Reid slept in our room. So it was like a little slumber party for them. Ruby did NOT want to go to sleep, she was so excited. But eventually they all did and they did great.
 Brave Grandma Debbie painted the kids' hands for hand prints.
 The party snacks! My dad and I stayed up and carved bell peppers for the little stop light snacks (celery, cream cheese, red, yellow & green bell pepper), and my mom and Andy sliced the oranges for the propellers (banana, oranges, grape). It was fun!
 Reid loved his helicopter cake. And it was delicious. That's little William in the back ground, my friend Audrey's son.
 And here is Sara and Aiden, our friends from Imago Moms. They live right down the road.
 He loved his cake!
 He got tons of fun gifts.
 This remote control train engine which goes on our tracks is SO fun! The kids fight over it.
 All tired out from the party. Reid was out too in his bed.
 Sunday morning was Mother's Day and Reid's actual birthday. Andy and the kids cleaned up the house and made pancakes while I slept in.
 Reid got some candles in his Mickey pancake.
My little loves! I love being their mommy. 
 This was right after his nap, and he was sleepy. So I asked him where his belly button was and he did this!
 Happy Birthday, buddy!
 Then we all met at the Pullens' house for one last photo. They sold it on Tuesday. Ruby and Coraline had fun jumping around in the empty living room.
 The family photo
 Our little family
 Then a bunch of us went to the park for a picnic. Reid wouldn't stop going down the slide. And that drill in his hand was one of his birthday gifts that he LOVES.
 Another gift... this fun rocket! We shot it off a bunch of times in the baseball field, and the kids had a blast (Andy did too).
 Reid as a newborn, 1-year-old, and 2-year-old. He's so cute.
 More drilling
 Ruby is getting so good at coloring! She looked at the picture of the cow on the back of this and colored it all the right colors.
 Snuggly boy. He's my big cuddler.
 We got Reid a soccer ball and net. It's fun!
 Ruby loves Penelope!
 Reid's new car/train mat. I built the tracks to fit on it.
 They've been having picnics outside after nap. <3
 And then they were playing that this was their house and a nice monster was in there with them. Haha!
 Silly Reid relaxing on the slide.
Ahhh... looks like summer! We love our back yard, our niece, the warm weather, and each other!

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  1. LOVE-ly pictures!! So glad the birthday/mom's day went well. We are so glad that we could be there, even if it was a short time. Love you all so much!!


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