Thursday, May 5, 2016

Joyful little things

We have been doing fun little things that bring us all joy. This week Andy put beautiful lights in our back yard, the kids colored a lot (including on themselves), did bubbles, and played with friends.,I've been reading the DNA of Relationships, and that has made me really look at myself and take responsibility for my actions/reactions in my relationships. I'm thankful for God's grace!
Reid has been almost sleeping through the night. He still gets up usually once, but is easy to get back to sleep. Ruby wants to try night time potty training, so we got night time undies (like a pullup) and she needed me to change it about twice. I don't think she's quite ready. But hopefully soon! That night time potty training is a whole different ballgame.
The weather has been nice and we've gotten out a lot to enjoy it. Little Pea is the sweetest thing and we are loving having her at our house. 
 Ruby occupied herself while I packed up our groceries at Winco. Haha
 On Saturday night the Wilsons came up for dinner! The kids all had a lot of fun. Ruby and Hannah wanted to play Candyland, and Reid and Ellie wanted to join in.
The big girls had fun on Ruby's bunk.
Ruby and Hannah! We really miss Ruby's friends from Stayton.
That night Ruby was just looking up at the sky and said, "I wish I was all the way in the sky."
 And of course Reid had to copy her. 
 So cute, and all ready for church.
At the place where we park to ride the shuttle to church, they have this awesome slide! The kids loved it (and so did we!).
 The Reece's came up to our church, and Reid loved hanging out with Abbie. So sweet.
 We had the windows down on our way home, and the kids loved it! Reid kept cracking up. He has been laughing at things so much lately. He's got a great sense of humor, they both do.
Andy and Ruby put these gorgeous lights up in our back yard. We're excited to enjoy some outside time this summer. 
 Andy got Ruby up when it got dark to come outside to see the lights. She was so sleepy and cute.
 Target! They love trying on the shades.
 Reid loves slides.
 And the kids love to wear their matching shirts. Ruby loves Magnolia Park, so we go there a lot.
 It was super hot so we busted out the Slip n Slide!
 Reid thought the water was "too cold" though. But he got wet anyway.
 The water made a huge mud pit where Andy and the kids have been weeding. Reid was all over it and played. Ruby was a little more hesitant.
But she finally got in the mud and was very proud of herself! 
 I went back to put Penelope to sleep, and I was back there for about 5 minutes... The kids gave themselves chicken pox.
 At least I got washable markers.
 Ruby loves to read to Pea.
 The kids love to show off how strong they are!
 They love to color together. Reid scribbles, and Ruby is getting so good at coloring in the lines.
 My big helper! Today we drove to Imago Moms, and Ruby even fed Penelope her bottle in the car on our way because she was hungry. <3
 Reid was upset so he just laid down on the floor.
 Bubble fun!!! 
This morning Reid found my knitting and was trying to do it. Haha.

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