Saturday, April 30, 2016

Goofy kids

Our kids are the silliest. The other morning Andy and I were getting ready, and we heard the door jam thing going "doooiiiing... doooiiing" I went in there, and Reid was saying "paci." He thought it was his paci laying on the ground when he couldn't find it. We laughed so hard! He really loves his paci now and pretty much wants it all the time. We took Ruby's away when she turned 2, so we'll see how that goes for him.
Yesterday I was telling Ruby about the Sword in the Stone movie, and I said, "There's a sword in a stone, and only the true king can pull it out." And she leaned forward and whispered, "Jesus." Hahaha. I love it. She has been praying cute prayers too, most of they time they go like this, "Dear Jesus, thank you for today. Please help us have a good time. In Jesus' name, amen."
Things have been going really well with Penelope too. It is hard to get out of the house, but otherwise it's great! She is such a sweet baby.
 Ruby on the left, Penelope on the right. They look like they could be sisters!
 Morning snuggles on the couch. They only had one pack of blue pacifiers at Target and they were on sale, so we got a pink pack too. He likes the "boo one" the best though.
 He was coloring that train like crazy!
 Loving preschool.
 Silly babies in the bath.
 Ruby had fun doing her balance bike! She even did a little bit all by herself. She's not the most adventurous kid. Reid, on the other hand, loves to try new things. He climbed all the way up the ladder at the park a few times (I spotted, of course).
 We went down to Stayton for hair cuts. The kids did great coloring while I got my hair done.
 Reid got a cute hipster boy haircut.
 Then we went to Thumpin' Thursday at the library with some friends. :)
 Reid was shy at first, but had fun dancing.
Ruby and Reid with some friends Brynn and Reid. 
 Post-nap snuggles. <3 He is such a cuddler. I love it!
 Ruby was about to take the bag of beans outside to play in the baby pool, and the bag opened...
 Reading at the library.
 Trying out the potty. He didn't go, but hopefully he'll be more interested soon!
 Intro to the Chronicles of Narnia. They weren't super into it yet, but they will be ready for it soon.
 They had so much fun helping Daddy with some yard work.
 We went to Skyline Restaurant for some milk shakes. They were yummy!
 Me and my girl.
 Bed time! We've been putting them to bed in the same room for a few weeks now, and it works okay. Some nights they don't want to go to sleep. That happened last year at this time too, I think it's because it's lighter out.
 We went to the zoo with our friends Cheryl and Nora. They had fun with the lions.
 And the croc! It's my favorite.
 It's a little scary! Reid had his face right next to the glass, and the croc kissed him. Haha. Or maybe tried to eat him...
Reid and Nora hanging out with the elephant.
 When I ask Ruby if she wants to do something, she raises her hand for "yes" and crosses her fingers for "no." I'm not sure where she got it, but it's funny. Also sometimes I say some instructions and then say, "Any questions?" And she says, "Yeah..." and then asks some theological question like "Why did Jesus die?" or something. I love it.
 He is such a boy and LOVES to get dirty. Yep, that's a face full of dirt.
We made yummy banana muffins. Ruby loves posing with food for photos.

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  1. Can't wait to come see all of you!!! Fun pictures!


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