Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Oh man, it has been a busy week! I'm getting my blog post done so late this week. :( 
We had such a fun time camping with my family last weekend. The kids loved it! Except for the one time when Reid said, "I want to go home." Maybe he didn't like all of the dirt... not!
 Snuggly guy in the mornings. He has really been liking Ruby's monkey Alicia lately. He calls her My-licia.
 Trying on his life jacket for the lake! He didn't want to take it off.
 Getting some reading in.
 Our first blackberry of the season!
 Walking down the street. We took a little break from packing.
 On our way down to Juanita Lake on Saturday! The kids needed a little car break...
 ...Reid did NOT want to get back in his carseat. Hahaha
We stopped at Odell Lake for a picnic lunch. 
 She's getting so big!
 Finally at Juanita! Reid fell in love with little Teddy (Heidi's new mini Goldendoodle puppy). Well, we all did! He was the sweetest thing.
 Reid loved playing with the faucet.
 And the lake.
 These guys are so cute!
 The traditional Sprunger family photo.
They know how to relax.
 A bunch of us played baseball with our toy ball and bat on Saturday night! Organized by Andy. The ball is foam, so it didn't go very far, which made it really fun. Ruby was the cutest little catcher.
 And I think she got about 3 hits! She's pretty good!
 The kids got new sleeping bags and slept on an air mattress. They slept pretty good the first night! Reid screamed once, but that was about it. The second night he fell out of his bed and woke up a few more times. Oh well.
 Sleeping in on Sunday.
 The lake was beautiful!
 And these mama ducks with their big ducklings were not shy. They came pretty close to us.
 This is how you do camping food with a toddler. He couldn't escape and get dirty while he was eating. He was, however, in the perfect position to feed all of our canine friends. He gave them bites from his fork, and then kept using it a few times. So gross! But they all loved it. :)
 Ruby and Quin were on breakfast dishes duty. They were good helpers!
 We all pitched in to get this giant floating island (PARTY BARGE!) for the lake. It was so much fun! Andy and I took the kids out on it while a lot of people went on a hike. Later that day we had 17 people on it, mostly adults! It was a blast.
 Such a messy eater. Every meal Ruby would go sit in her place by Jack and the other cousins, and wait patiently for me to get her food. It was so cute.
 Jammie time! They loved their little camp chairs.
 He loves to lounge.
 Ruby and Jack had so much fun together. This was them playing "Hangman." Ruby was the one who made the word, but she doesn't know how to spell! It turned out pretty funny.
 Second cousins! (Minus Quin and Lia who already left.) I forgot to bring red, white, and blue for my kids to wear on the 4th of July. Apparently I was the only one. Hahaha
 Saying goodbye.
 We had a good drive home, the kids took a nice nap. Then when we got home, we were unloading the car and left the front door open, and this baby bird flew right into our house! It was the cutest thing, and was pretty scared. We took the screen off of the kitchen window and I got it to fly out.
 The kids rode their bikes while we unpacked.
 And then we did sparklers in the back yard and went to bed! We heard big fireworks until about 10:30 though. But we were way to exhausted to go outside to see them.
 Back to his kitchen!
 Post nap snuggles.
 I don't even know what they were doing in this picture, but it sure was funny. We love our back yard!
 We saw this tiny baby duck at a park.
 We went down to Grandma and Grandpa's new house for dinner, and to play with the cousins. They made a huge fort! I took Penelope down with us, and Tony met us there.
 Reid and Penelope had lots of fun.
 Playing "doctor."
 Andy took Reid with him to get his hair cut. :)
 Reid was having a pretty fussy day. I think he was still super tired from camping. So we played around with Snapchat. :)
 And I took him to the library when Andy got home. He said he was working here.
Unicorn! His hair is getting so long, I need to cut it.
It's been raining a lot, so he wore his rain boots and wanted to splash in the puddle. :)

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  1. HMMM... I remember a lounger at age 2 that used to live at my house!! So cute. Glad you have so much fun. Ruby is getting so big. She will love preschool this fall. Love you!!


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