Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hair cuts, going potty, and the crazy lion at the zoo

We had Penelope every day this week, so we didn't get out too much. But it was fun anyway. We've been doing more evening activities since we work out in the mornings now. :)

Ruby has been doing so good with coloring! She can color inside the lines really well. She's also doing great at going potty on her own now, which I really appreciate.

Reid has been interested in the potty, so I've been putting him on it a little more often. He hasn't figured out when he's going pee though yet. I'm trying to decide if I want to do a potty training bootcamp with him. I didn't with Ruby, and it ended up being a year and a half process, and she still has accidents and is nowhere near night time potty training yet. So maybe we can do it a little differently with Reid. But such is life.

Both kids have been a lot of fun, they always are. Ruby loves making up stories and playing "family" with anything and everything. Reid loves to sing and dance, and says the funniest things!
 We made these paper people, and Ruby had so much fun coloring them all with me.
 Reid wanted to hold my hand all during lunch. He's so sweet and snuggly. Tonight he said, "Mama I love you. I want to give you a kiss."
 Friday afternoon we headed to the zoo, and Andy met us there for dinner. It was a beautiful afternoon!
 Trying on Mama's shades. (He calls me Mama and Andy Daddy.)
 She's so cute, she climbed this little tree.
 Snack time! They love their squeezy baby food (just pureed veggies and fruit really).
 Not quite as tall as the bears.
 Someone gave us a coupon for a free Shave Ice, so we all shared it. We only ate a little bit, which was enough... ;)
 We went down to see the lions, and while we were looking at them at the top of the pen, this juvenile male ran down to the other viewing area. So we headed down there to see him a little closer... And he was agitated at something! Or just hungry. He definitely wanted to eat Reid. He was pawing at the glass and snarling at him.
 It definitely freaked me out!! Thank goodness for that thick glass. Reid would have been lion dinner for sure.
 Maybe he just wanted Reid's cheddar bunnies...
 Ruby was standing over in this area, and the lion jumped around the corner and scared her! He was huge.
 Calming down a little bit.
Here's a video of the crazy lion! This was much tamer than he was being with Reid earlier. It was pretty exciting.
 We've been picking all kinds of blackberries! They're delicious.
 On Saturday I headed to Starbucks to get some work done for the morning. It was nice to get away.
 He loves pushing the mower around!
 Family game night! Ruby beat us all.
 Sunday morning snuggles.
 Handsome guy coming down from Sunday School.
 Sunday afternoon naps are the best.
 We met Del, Patty, Tony, Courtney and Penelope for a hike on Sunday evening. It was so fun!
 Hiding behind a tree to scare everyone. She loves that kind of thing.
 They love putting on makeup with me.
 Ruby wrapped all of these "presents" for my "birthday."
 He's just so cute.
 I couldn't pick which picture to put on here, so I had to do both. :)
 Watching a little show. They're the cutest.
 He didn't nap at all on Monday, and on Tuesday he cried and cried, and finally went to sleep. Poor guy. He goes to bed so late, gets up so early, and sometimes doesn't want to nap. He's just a non-sleeper!
 We walked to the park and played Hot Lava Monster for a long time. It was way fun. Then the kids played baseball.
 Silly boy!
 They love the park.
 Uh-oh! He loves getting into the refrigerator. And sometimes he turns the thermostat either all the way up or all the way down. I'm surprised our food hasn't all gotten ruined.
 We had something come up when we were scheduled for our hair cuts at Janna's, so we had to skip. So he was in desperate need of a trim...
 So I did it myself! It was fun, and I think I did pretty good.
 We played at the park and had a lot of fun! Next time we'll have to wear swim suits for the water fountain part.
 She's such a pretty little girl, and getting so grown up.
 We had fun at the library this week too.
 Computer time! He just wanted to push all of the buttons. He loves buttons.
And... working on going potty!

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