Monday, July 18, 2016

My fun kids

I sure love these two kids of mine. We have lots of fun together. I'm both really looking forward to Ruby starting preschool this fall and kind of sad because I'll miss having so much time with her. She's going to LOVE it though, and I know she'll do really well getting so much social time in. She sure loves people.
Reid has been SO funny. Everything he says is hilarious. He keeps us all laughing every day. He's been sleeping really well, getting up about once a night. But that's much better than he used to be! 
 Ruby made these two Lego guy/girl and their houses. Apparently the are engaged.
 I can get out the Lego's and these guys are entertained for a long time! They love building, creating, making popcorn with them, etc. 
 Ruby and I often play games while Reid is still asleep in the afternoons. She takes naps about two days on, two days off now.
 Post nap sweaty hair. He LOVES to cuddle after he wakes up.
 We made yummy owl snacks. The kids loved it.
 This guy turned 26 months old this week! He is pretty tall for his age. We saw another almost 2-year-old little girl at church, and he was a whole head taller than her!
 Ruby is such a good helper. She carried this all the way to the house by herself!
 Checking out a Tesla... Some day!
 Tomato soup is their favorite.
 Andy got me a shoe rack, and the kids helped him assemble it. <3
 Praying at lunch time.
 Me and my boy!!
 They play in the back yard so much, it's an endless source of joy for them.
 Ruby typed the whole alphabet!
 We picked blackberries down the street and up the hill, and they were so good.
 She is so pretty! Those curls...
 They do this on the doorstep. I think they're pretending they're sad.
 We cleaned up the Chevron cars this week. They had been in a big bucket in the garage, and we had a mouse out there... So we soaked them in vinegar water for a few days. I put them right outside of the back fence. And then the kids kept asking about them, and Reid was reaching through the fence trying to get the bucket. Haha. So I rinsed them all off, and they have been having SO much fun playing! Ruby set them up like this on the first night. I think the people were all watching a movie.
 The babies were napping, so Ruby and I painted our nails.
 Letting them dry.
 Helping feed Peanut! He is so sweet with her.
 Reid picked a bunch of my green cherry tomatoes. :( But that's okay, there's a lot more on my plant. We had a chat, and he hasn't done it since.
 Ruby likes to make their soccer goal into a tent.
 I made these yummy popsicles out of plain greek yogurt, mashed up blackberries, and a little pure maple syrup. Reid's got everywhere, but he loved it!
 He loves helping me cook.
 I took all three kids to a bible study. They had childcare downstairs, but we had to go while everyone was praying. I was getting Penelope in her carseat, and these guys sat there so quietly while everyone prayed! It was the cutest thing.
 Water time!!! 
Ru was so cute, she filled the bucket with water, and then rinsed off her feet every time she wanted to come inside.

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