Friday, July 1, 2016

Early mornings

Andy and I got up at 5am to work out every day this week. And it was great! After the first couple of days, it was a lot easier to roll out of bed. And so nice to get them done and not have to worry about it in the evenings. I think we'll keep it up!

Reis is such a boy. He loves climbing, jumping, making sound effects, and making everyone laugh. He got a huge bruise on his cheek this week. He has also been sleeping a little better, last night he made it all the way until 4:45 before he woke up. That was nice for me! Some day he'll sleep all night...
Ruby has been getting so good at writing, drawing, and coloring. She does it every day and can write her name and Reid's name. And her people are pretty cute too.
The kids and I were dancing in the living room, and I spun Reid around. He tripped and fell, and hit his cheek on the rock hearth. :( Poor guy! He was pretty upset and I felt really bad. It is a lot better now, just a bruise. but he had a scab there for a while too.
 He loves playing in the mud!
 They both do. And they occasionally do it in their socks. Hah!
 After playing outside in the water he gets cold and likes to get wrapped up in blankets and towels on the couch.
 Post workout!
 I purged some clothes this week, which was nice to do! Ruby liked jumping on the pile.
 My garden! It's growing great, and our nasturtiums started blooming.
 He walks around a lot on the balance bike.
 On our way to church!
 It has been so gorgeous outside lately. We ate dinner under our tree.
 The kids were awfully quiet in the back yard, and we looked out and they were doing this. <3
 Early morning workout!
 This is what she does when I run the blender every morning. She's never been a fan of loud noises.
 And he copies her.
 She likes putting her "kids" to bed.
 We had to get a new battery for our car, so the kids and I killed some time at Les Schwab.
 We had fun! They sat and ate popcorn for a long time, and Ruby said, "Mom, I could just sit here all day and eat popcorn." Then we had a whole conversation about what that day would look like. Hah! And there was a fireworks stand in the parking lot, so we bought some sparklers.
 After that we headed to the library for some new books and play time.
 He loves these gears.
 Ruby found a new friend and they built a train station.
 He loves his bananas.
 The kids love it when Daddy reads to them at night. And they also love to wear matching jammies. They have two sets. 
 Sweet little Penelope! She's just the cutest thing. She only weighs about 15 pounds at 6 months, and my kids were both at least 19!
 Outside picnic! We love our back yard.
 He's getting good at building Lego things.
 Aftermath of tomato soup.
 We got the kids new sleeping bags for our camping trip this weekend. They were so excited!
 We went out for an evening walk to the school playground.
 She's a good climber!
 He went up and down the slide a bunch of times. And Andy and I had contests to see who could do things the fastest, like climb along the play structure, run up and go down the big slide, etc. I think I won. :)
 Jogging home!
 Play dough morning! The kids like it when we make new play dough.
 Penelope sandwich. They all love each other!
 She's getting better at holding her own bottle. Ruby was excited!
 He played outside like this for a long time! His diaper was muddy. Haha
 We didn't have Penelope on Thursday morning, so we went to the park to play for a bit.
 He loves slides!
 Ruby found a "toadstool."
 And Reid poked it with a stick.
 Sunning on the rock.
 She was playing "baby" and wanted to sit in the little high chair.
 We also were out of bread, so the kids got PB&J on whole wheat hamburger buns. :)
They love playing! All three of them.

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  1. Thanks for the sweet pictures each week, I love to see what the kids are up to. So fun!!
    July is going so fast. Won't be long and we will see you again! Give Ruby and Reid a hug for me!!


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