Sunday, August 14, 2016

Reid turns 27 months, and more summer adventures!

We've had a fun week, but we're still trying to recover from our family vacation. :) Lack of sleep makes the kids cranky (and us too!). But we've been able to get out and do some fun things this past week. 
Ruby is quickly learning how to read. She has been sounding out words and figures them out! I'm so excited that she loves learning so much.
Reid has always had trouble calming down when he gets worked up, even as a newborn. We're not sure if it's normal or if it's something we should be worried about. I might mention it to the doctor next time we go, but we would appreciate prayers as we try to figure it out. It's really not fun when he's just screaming and screaming.   :(
 On a lighter note, here's the family photo from the retirement weekend!
 He was trying to take his shirt off. Haha
She made a Christmas tree while we played Sequence (one of our favorite games!). She's getting really good at it.
 We went to the dock to go swimming on Friday night after Andy finished work. It was really fun! Andy and Ruby got in, and Reid and I played on the dock, which was a little dangerous. But we survived!
 Every time big waves would come, the upper dock would slam down on the lower one. And it got really wobbly, I was afraid he was going to go flying off the edge!
 We let the kids stay up a little later than usual to watch the Olympic opening ceremony. Reid got pretty tired, so I put him to bed, then when I came out I found this. <3
 I got to go to the Beachbody Super Saturday at the Convention Center! It was really fun meeting other coaches and getting to do a big live workout with everyone. I was super sore afterward.
 Then we headed down to Bridgeport Village to meet Grandma and Grandpa Wetzig! The kids had fun playing on the play ground.
 We got dinner at Joe's Burgers and then some dessert waffles which were delicious. Reid loves chocolate.
 Helping unload the car for Grandma and Grandpa.
 "We're RETIRED!!!" Mom and Dad enjoyed the slide at our parking lot for church.
 Silly Reid!
 On Sundays we usually all take a nap in the afternoons. I was on the couch asleep, and Reid woke up from his nap pretty early. So I let him climb up on the couch with me and we both fell back asleep for a long time. It was great!
 Then we went to Uncle Paul and Aunt Paula's farm for dinner. This guy loves spaghetti.
 And mowers!
 We swam in the hot tub for a while, which was lovely!
Ruby LOVES swimming and had so much fun. 
 Monday morning! My parents headed to Canada and this little Sweet Pea came for the day. We love her so much, but we've decided that it will be too much to have her here every day when Ruby starts preschool, just for logistics. We might have her occasionally, but we'll definitely miss her!
 Reading the Daily Bread (upside down). We have started memorizing more Psalms as a family. Ruby knows Psalm 23 really well, so we've been trying to learn Psalm 24 now a verse each morning at breakfast.
 Again, Reid LOVES mowers!
 Happy 27 months Bug!
 They love helping me pick things in the garden... but sometimes they pick them before they're ready. Oh well!
I was making dinner and the back door was open. I glanced over, and this little kitten was under the table! It was so cute. Reid was ELATED, he loves animals. It was the sweetest little kitty! Andy took it around and found out it belongs to the neighbors. They have two baby kittens, so I'm sure we'll see them more often. :)
 He loves fruit too and has been grabbing the pears and Asian pears we got from Aunt Paula.
 Silly guy!
 Playing cars together.
 I made Gluey Kabluey again and these guys loved it! It makes a huge mess, but it's really fun.
I took the kids to OMSI on Thursday. They wanted to go to the moon in the rocket.
 Ruby got to do the OMSI Olympics.
 They had fun playing with the hammers too!
 Reid loves playing in water and could wash his hands for hours.
 Making sand angels!
 Water time! We always do this last because they get wet in spite of the smocks.
I folded all of the laundry, but didn't put it away immediately. Big mistake!


  1. You should get a kitten though!

  2. Fun pictures!! I'm thinking of things we can do with the kids when you come. Can't wait to see you soon! Love you!


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