Thursday, August 4, 2016

Fussy kids

I got the photos all ready to post for last week, and then was super swamped and never had a chance to write out my post!! Apparently my kids were pretty fussy last week. But I only remember them being sweet... Isn't that how it goes? In the moment there are hard things, but the Lord has mostly allowed me to remember the nice things. 

Reidsy loves sharing my shake.
Andy found this music box thing in the garage! They love it.
Family movie night! We watched the Rescuers.
And all snuggled on the couch together.
Saturday morning pajama yard work.
We went blackberry picking, and got a ton of berries! Ruby filled her basket half full all by herself.
We even brought our ladder to get the ones way up high.
I took the kids to Magnolia park to play in the water. Reid doesn't really like water, so he played on the play structures.
But Ruby had fun!!!
We had fun on the teeter totter too!
We were making our house super cold at night with fans in the windows because the days were really hot last week. So they ate breakfast in blankets!
Water play time!
We love our back yard.
Ruby as a baby vs. Ruby now... She's grown a little bit!
He was making me some tea.
The kids had a hard time napping one of the days last week. Penelope barely slept at all. Oh well!
We got these berries out past our back fence! The kids devoured them. Ruby said, "We downed those!"
He wanted to hold her and read her a story, but he couldn't figure out how! Hahaha
Ruby had her 4 1/2 birthday! We made peanut butter bars and did candles. They were trick candles, and it was hilarious.
Reid woke up during our early morning workout, so Andy took a break to snuggle with him.
We went to Dana's to play in her pool! It was so much fun.
I took a post-workout photo...
...and Reid wanted to take one too. Hahaha
We got out my old glasses!
Playing Go Fish while Reid napped. She's pretty good.
She wanted me to swaddle Mickey and took her nap with him. So sweet.
He has been putting on his own tutu, but he doesn't pull it over his bottom.
And more snuggles!!


  1. All very cute. Looking forward to the pictures from this weekend

  2. I love looking at pictures of these two!!


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