Sunday, August 14, 2016

Dad and Mom's Retirement

We had such a fun weekend in Grenada. It was so great to spend it with our family and celebrate our mom and dad. 
 Friday afternoon we made some kale chips. These guys love them!
 We lounged around, waiting for Daddy to get home. Well, after madly packing all day. 
 He had some last minute things at work, but we were finally able to leave! We stopped for sandwiches at a rest area, following in the Wetzig family tradition. We made it to Dan and Cindy's house at about 10pm. Pretty much the whole time in the car Ruby kept saying, "I just want to be there already!" And she kept telling us all of the fun things she was going to do when she woke up the next morning with Quin and Lia. She tells it in a little story-like thing, "I'm going to wake up, then I will run into Lia's room, and then we'll get dressed, and then we will go outside, and..." It's the cutest thing.
 We got up early and went to get peaches at a crazy $.25/lb peach sale! They were delicious and we ate them for about a week and a half.
 The kids took their nap in the car on the way to my parents' house on Saturday before lunch.
 It was fine with me, I knew they wouldn't have napped after lunch anyway, they were too excited.
 Reid LOVES his berries.
Super Stick Man Golf was the trending game of the weekend. 
 These three little cousins had matching swim suits. It has been so fun to see Carla's baby Mary Anne this summer. She's a little sweetie.
 Ruby played splashing each other with Quin and JB for a long time, and was a really good sport for the most part when she was splashed.
 Lia and Ruby made this cute house.
 Ruby went to sit right in between Grandpa and Grandma. She sure loves people!
 Me and my little bro.
 These girls sure love each other.
 The kids slept pretty well sharing a bed on the floor!
 Morning workout time.
 The kids all ready for church on Sunday.
 Mom and I took them over to Sunday School. Reid was pretty nervous and wanted me to sit with him and hold his hand for a long time.
 But then once he got to his little class, he was more comfortable.
 He likes Uncle Randall.
 Ruby gave Grandpa a big hug.
 Children's story time!
Dad preaching his last sermon as a pastor!
 And... getting sleepy. Ruby pretty much put herself down for a nap, she was pretty tired.
 Reid wouldn't go to sleep for us, so mom took him to her room and he was out!
 The retirement ceremony was really great. Cindy, Randall and I got up and shared a little bit about growing up as pastor's kids, and then we sang a song.
 Dinner was delicious! Reid loves corn on the cob.
 The kids had fun running up and down the ramp, and playing with new friends.
 Morning time! These guys love Aunt Sophie.
 They took pillows and blankets out to their little cardboard house!
 Eir Datch with fresh fruit for breakfast.
 This horse was so sweet!
 Ruby was a little afraid of her.
 Fighting in the bathroom, just like old times.
 On Monday we went up to Castle Lake to hike!
 Ruby made some new friends.
 Reid had fun riding on Daddy.
 Ruby did really good on the hike! We had to carry her a few times, but otherwise, she kept up. We lost the trail to Heart Lake (like we usually do), but thanks to GPS, we found it!
It is such a beautiful little lake. Ruby swam in her undies. 
 It was lovely!
 And the view was incredible.
Ruby is a little fish, and LOVES the water. 
 Reid hung out with me and Grandma Debbie.
 Ruby was so cold when she got out! So she snuggled with Daddy for a while.
And then borrowed Uncle Randall's sweatshirt. 
 Again, gorgeous view!
 The hike back down.
 Everyone took turns carrying Ruby at points.
 This was my favorite picture. So amazing.
And this one too.
 When we got home, we made this yummy dinner to celebrate mom and dad. :)
 They rested and opened all of their cards from their loving church family. And then we did a little skit and a few songs to celebrate them. :)
 Story time! 
 Tuesday morning the kids got up and colored.
 While Randall and I did a workout.
Then we all drove to the Klamath River for rafting! I didn't get any pictures though. :( You can't really take a camera on a raft. But we had a ton of fun. I got to guide our boat, and we had everyone on it except Dad, Mom, and Lia. Our kids did great! Ruby's favorite part was the white water. There were a few rapids, and it was the perfect temperature for swimming.
 The kids napped when we got home. This is Reid after he woke up. He's so cuddly.
 The Halls and the NY Wetzigs all went to Medford that night, so we said goodbye.
 She's so pretty.
 Family prayer circle. It's impossible to be touching everybody anymore though with 12 of us!
Then we went on a nice little Grenada walk. On Wednesday morning we headed back home! It was such a fun family time.

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  1. The weekend sure was the best!!! These pictures are great. Thank you all for making it so so so so special! I might have to start a blog myself.


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