Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Kitties and hair do's

We are super busy enjoying our summer. We've spent a lot of time outside, and I am enjoying these last few weeks with Ruby before she starts Preschool. I'm really going to miss her!

Last night we decided to start night time potty training Ruby. She has always woken up wet, so I thought it was boing to be difficult. So I layered her sheets with a few mattress pads (3x) just in case we had accidents in the night. But surprise... she was dry this morning! We were all excited. If she doesn't wet the bed for 7 nights, we're going to get some Guppies for the family. She's pretty excited.
 Breakfast! The kids love oatmeal.
 When you accidentally leave the child lock on the entertainment cabinet unlocked...
 We got these new squirt guns from the Dollar Tree. They have been having so much fun!
 He loves to "pretend to drive."
 On Saturday we spent the morning at Jamison Square to play in the water! It has been really hot lately, so we've been seeking out water to cool off!
 Reid loves to do this in any shallow water (including the bath).
 He ripped his toenail off last week, it has been hard to keep it clean! I got some Liquid Bandage and it's finally starting to heal.
 He liked sitting by me, especially after all of the dogs arrived...
 There was a Welsh Corgi parade of some kind. Hundreds of these dogs took over the fountain.
 It was hilarious.
Ruby even got to pet one. 
 But then she got pretty sad because with so many people and dogs there, we couldn't really swim anymore.
So we walked to the bakery around the corner instead. 
 Reid ate the blueberries off of this cake. It was a fun morning!
 Then we watched Hugo on Friday and Saturday nights. It was really good! After it was over, Ruby wanted to play Hugo. So here they are, Andy is the Automaton, and Ruby and Reid are the two kids.
 Reid likes to draw.
 Sometimes he wants to hold my hand while we eat.
 Riding the bus to church!
 Our neighbor kittens like to come to our back yard to play. Reid LOVES it so much. Especially the orange one.
 "I'm trying to rock the kitty."
 I went out with all of the Pullen ladies for mani/pedi's on Sunday. It was lovely. Then when I got home the kids wanted me to paint their toes and fingernails too. :)
 We enjoyed playing at the park and set off our rocket!
 They get cold in the mornings. :)
 The kids and I went to the zoo! I decided not to take the stroller, which turned out to not be a great idea. They were pretty tired by the time we were leaving, and we were way down by the Lions. So I carried them each in turns, and we walked really slowly up to the car. Oh well, I learned!
 Mmm, apple snacks. And Reid loves playing with water fountains.
 We saw the lion demonstration, which was fun!
 They were really big!
 Ruby got the bike caught in her hair during nap time. I'm not sure how that happened...
 Playing baseball.
 Morning snuggles with Daddy!
 They really like playing games and things together now. They have been doing well with getting along more than they used to!
 Time for Candyland!
 It was quiet in the bathroom for a while... Reid was playing with the water, and then unrolled the whole toilet paper roll. This doesn't happen most of the time because the bathroom is dark and Reid can't reach the light switches yet. But when we leave the light on, we're in trouble!
 They played together really nicely in their bedroom for a long time! So nice for Mommy.
 Playing in Penelope's bed. Ruby put on her sleep sack. Hah!
 Reid loves to hold her, feed her, snuggle with her, etc. 
 Outside time! Playing with the kitties.
 It liked her.
He doesn't like to put this one down. But they're both long hair, so when we come inside, he is usually covered with cat hair! And I'm allergic, so I sneeze all day long. :(
We got this hair book from the library, and it has been SO fun! Ruby loves when I do new hair styles. Her hair is so long and beautiful, and it's so much fun to play with it.

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  1. Reid holds the orange kitty the same way he holds Myelicia! Such cute pictures because the kids in them are so adorable!!!


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